Just Takes Time

Rosie and Annabelle have being friends for as long as they can remember and as they start their last year at high school they decide to make a rule that nothing or nobody is going to get in the way of them having a good time. But when they are grouped with 2 boys from Direction that they have never met before, there one rule may be about to be broken.......


7. Deeply in Love

Rosie's P.O.V ~ There was a loud banging in my head as I heard Annabelle speaking to someone I didn't recognise. He sounded about my age and I heard him try to comfort Annabelle as she sobbed. Footsteps walked closer to my bed until I could feel his presence next to me. He had a soft voice and spoke to me like he had known me all his life. I laid there still, until I heard his breathing soften and realised he was asleep. Using all the strength I had, I moved my hand until I felt the warmness of his skin. I nudged him hard hoping he would wake up. As he began to stir I knew I had woken him and when he opened his eyes I gave him a long hard look. I loved the way his brown hair flicked wildly in different directions and how his mouth curved up into a large grin when he saw me. "Annabelle who is this?" I asked her as she explained to the boy how I had lost my memory. After a couple of minutes of them talking the boy took my hand in his "Hello my name is Louis and I would really like to be good friends with you. I am in a band called One Direction and if we became close friends you could maybe come on a tour with me. I know you don't know who I am, but before you where in the crash I asked you to be my girlfriend. You never answered me, so I would like to ask you again. Rosie will you be my girlfriend?" 

Even though I had only known him for 5 minutes, I felt like I could tell him anything and he would understand me. "Yes I will be your girlfriend." I answered before he pulled me into a large hug and kissed me gently on the lips. Well I might have only just met Louis, but I could already feel myself falling deeply in love with him. 

Sorry it's short i'm going out :)

Rosie xxx

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