Just Takes Time

Rosie and Annabelle have being friends for as long as they can remember and as they start their last year at high school they decide to make a rule that nothing or nobody is going to get in the way of them having a good time. But when they are grouped with 2 boys from Direction that they have never met before, there one rule may be about to be broken.......


17. Constant Attention

Ella's POV~ The sunlight flooded in through the bedroom window. I stretched my arms above my head and rubbed my eyes. "Morning beautiful." Niall said. He leant over and kissed me on the lips, my body seemed to melt as he pulled away and gave me a cheeky grin. "Morning hun." I replied back, swinging my body out of bed. I walked into the bathroom. My skin tingled with the sensation as the cold water cleansed me. After patting my face dry and applying some moisturiser, I pulled on my clothes and walked down the stairs. Niall stood in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I walked up behind him and rested my head on his shoulder. "What are you making?" I asked. "Bacon sandwiches, do you want one?" He asked me. "Yep, I'll be in the living room." I finished before flopping down on the large sofa. Flicking on the ITV news, I sighed as my previous day replayed itself in front of me. I would never change meeting Niall and the boys but the constant attention from the paparazzi got on my nerves. Just going to the shop could involve me being questioned by at least 300 reporters, they asked me if I would ever cheat on Niall and if I  was with him for the money. I watched as a story named 'Niall Horan has being spotted with an unknown woman. Is he cheating on his girlfriend Ella Wilkinson?' flash onto the screen. Niall appeared on the TV with my old friend, Hannah Smith. I continued to stare as the video went on to them both walking out of the Jewellers in the nearby shopping centre. As Niall walked into the room, he sat at the side of me and handed me my bacon sandwich. I had no idea what was going on but I was about to find out. 

Niall's POV~ I waited in the kitchen until the news story about me finished. What was I supposed to tell Ella, I hope she doesn't think I am cheating on her because I would never do a thing like that. If I told her why I was in the Jewellers though, my surprise would be ruined. I walked into the room and handed Ella her bacon sandwich. My head was screaming inside as she looked at me curiously. Her eyes looked puffy and she remained in silence until we had finished our breakfast. I put my plate onto the table and reached over to Ella's hands. I wrapped my hands around hers and when she turned her head towards me. I gasped as I saw the tears streaming down her face. She actually believed I didn't want to be with her anymore. "Ella, I love you so much. More than I have ever loved anyone before. I would never cheat on you and want you to let me explain about what you have just seen on the TV." Ella nodded her head and smiled slightly. "Hannah and me have been friends for as long as I can remember. I bumped into her at the Jewellers. It was saving it till your birthday, but I don't have any choice but to give you them now." I said before running up the stairs and grabbing the little black box from the bottom of the wardrobe. I handed Ella the box and she opened it carefully. The large diamond earrings, reflected the shocked look on her face. She quickly got up from the sofa and jumped into my arms. "Thank you Niall, I love you." They were her last words before my lips met hers. :) 

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