The Battle

This is a series about a lutinate in the us army and his life at war all around the world. This is rated mature 16+ for its grafic nature of strong blood, and gore, and mild language. It is a work in progress


2. Other side of Baghdad

April 07,1986

    Sitting on Steele seats for ten hours makes your ass hurts like hell. What makes it worst was coming in for a landing and landing because enemy's were trying to shoot down the plane, good to know we made friends out here! Sanders and Mathis left before us so when I got into my cabin there was a red folder on my bed, I'll read this for you just so you know what I reed. Classified Blood Intel This mission will require sniper rifle your men will assist you with this mission. You will be in charge of the assassin of a long time enemy leader. Sergeant Allie. He is the head of a nuclear power plant. You need to kill him then go in to the plant and create a nuclear melt down then go to Allie's office hack into the data base on his computer and download the intel that will hopefully close the book on Allie's plain to attack America. Once you download the intel destroy he computer and set a timed charge in the air shaft when you do hold your breath as long as you can because they will be a highway of nuclear gas. Set the time on the charge for ten minutes that will be more then enough time to clear the area and get far enough away that you won't have a repeat of the accident in Iraq. Then get your ass back to base and get some well need rest. General sanders Co-General Mathis General Sanders. Co-General Mathis After I read the file I rounded up my team and briefed them on the mission and how we were going to do it and how the target will be taken out. Then I assigned all of them a job and told them how to did it and told them in a serious tone, "This mission allows you full permission to kill anybody that stands between you and your objective. But there are a few important rules, 1. Don't get to trigger happy, 2. Don't attract to much action to yourself, 3. The most important rules is DON'T GET DEAD! Any questions." They understood the rules what they had to do and my most favorite thing no questions at all. One part that I left out was that the mission was at a nuclear power plant but what they don't know won't kill them. Just before sundown we set out for the nuclear power plant in two trucks that will help us get into the plant, one of the trucks are carrying us and our equipment and the other is carrying high explosives. What bugs me is having to wear a ear piece instead of carrying radios. We planned to drive strait in but instead they stopped us to check the trucks, right before the guard got to the I was in sanders told me to take out the guards so following orders walked to the back of the truck and pulled out my knife and got ready to slash him so as soon as he pocked his head in throw the cover and looked at me he smiled and I slit his throat then I jumped out of the truck to take out the other three guards while some else got the body's out of site then I opened the gate and jumped back into the truck and got my rifle ready when the trucks stopped again it was by the crate I was going to take the shot from so I climbed up to the top and laid down and set up the rifle were I needed it then sited it in for a clear shot to the head. Once he was in site I waited for to sit down so wouldn't take the chance of missing and failing the mission so once he sat down and stopped moving I held my breath and held the gun steady for direct shot to the middle of the back of his head then fired "Bullseye got him". When I got off the crate I told my team to move up. Our next objective the nuclear meltdown control room, you would think getting there without any trouble your wrong we had to deal with multiple soldiers that got in our way, most of them were in a large group and it was dark to them so I pulled a flag grenade pulled the pin and throw it towards them they never seen it coming. After our little chat I gave him a fatale blow to the back of the neck that killed him all most instantly. Then we continued to the control room oddly enough it was empty so I walked in slowly with tech9 machine gun with attached suppresser and laser scope on it. After check if the coast was clear I waved my men in and we each went for a computer to trigger a meltdown. Once the meltdown started we know we only had 30 minutes to get to Allie's computer get the intel destroy the computer set the charge and set the charge up that were in the second truck and get the fuck out a there before we become charcoal so we were in a big rush and wasn't going to waste our time shooting the enemy's so we know they were behind us so I set up wall mines about every 35 feet that way they slip past one they have to try and past more chances are they won't make it out of that hall way alive. Once we got to the end of the hall came to Allie's door and of course it had to locked so Richard one of right hand men tried to pick the lock but I pulled him aside and that didn't have the time for then I gave it a hard kick that rattled the nerves in my leg that made me limp for a minute good thing was he had opened his data base before I shot him so the hacking part was easy now I just have to download it onto a flash-drive. After it was downloaded I told the others to go out the window and repeal down the rope Mathis set up once they were gone pushed up the grate to the air shaft and held my breath and climbed up to set the charge and set the time for ten minutes. Then climbed down and went out window and met up with the rest of my team then we all loaded up to the truck and headed for the gate but they closed it and locked it with a chain and padlock sense I shot out the switch so I told the driver to step on the gas and blow throw the gate. After seven minutes of leaving the plant we hard a load sonic boom and felt the truck shack so we all got out of the truck and seem a enormous fire ball forming at least a mile high we could feel the heat from it then we realized the heat come at us because it kept getting hotter so we all rushed to get ing to the truck. As soon as I was in the driver floored it sending sand fling throw the air then being chased down by a nuclear blast again. Now I'm thinking that this is it I'm going to die because we're in 2.5 ton truck and not a F16. I let Sanders know we're we and how screwed we we are this is what he with the roar of the blast in the background, " sanders we are 2 miles from the base and you need clear the base fast otherwise everyone and everything will be fried because the nuclear blast is chasing after us." After I said that I herd the sirens come no then I looked out towards the base and seen everyone running with their things and getting into the truck and fleeing out the back gates and followed after them then I witched the base get blown apart. Sense wee didn't have a base we were forced to leave.

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