The Battle

This is a series about a lutinate in the us army and his life at war all around the world. This is rated mature 16+ for its grafic nature of strong blood, and gore, and mild language. It is a work in progress


3. Huston, Texas U.S. Army Base

June 04,1986 This is probably the shortest mission I will ever do. The reason is it's only a 4 week mission and all we have to do is track down an enemy submarine in the South Pacific Ocean so the marines can launch an attack on them. So far the process is slow because it hard to find them and reason may simply be that they are to deep to were we can't find them by satellite so we have help the marines track them by telling them were the enemy last came up on the raider and how far behind them they are. Some how they keep changing course and come up behind our men so they have turn around and then turn around again and again after a while of that both of the Sanders and Butler the general of the navy seals finally got tired of playing the roundabout game so Butler called in for more subs to make finding them easier and faster. But it toke reinforcements two hours just to meet up with the other sub. And the way Butler had the sub poisoned was one sub was 8 feet lower then the other and after there were more enforcements it toke about a half hour to take down the enemy sub before they could launch a full scale attack on us. From then on we are searching every ocean for any unknown watercraft above and below the surface. luckily we didn't find any thing not even any gold just sunken subs and ships. Due to that Butler told the seals to come home and get their land legs. I have any thing against them but I hope that we don't have to deal another mission that the marines have to do the dirty work for us I like the missions that I do the hard work. But if we do I can deal with it but I won't like it though but like everyday I have to work with people I like. That's the deal when you join the army. Now all there is to do is preparer for our next mission.

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