The Battle

This is a series about a lutinate in the us army and his life at war all around the world. This is rated mature 16+ for its grafic nature of strong blood, and gore, and mild language. It is a work in progress


1. Baghdad

April 07,1986 While the others where goofing off in yard, for the 17th time, I was going over the next mission I was assigned. My next mission is to kill the leader of an enemy group in two of my strongest fields one in the dark and two in stealth so I'm going to love doing this mission even though I have to do it alone and is fine by me I like it better alone anyways. At around 0700 hours I was told to take him and that was and know what my mission was right away. At 0715 I arrived on enemy lines and know I die I can't be saved luckily for me it was pitch black all I had to see was my night vision goggles. After ten minute of wait I spotted the target walking into his office with another person so I wait for him to leave after half an hour the left leaving the target along so decided to strike I got out my crossbow and tied a strong rope to an arrow and shot it across the courtyard and strapped onto the rope and slowly and quietly made my way to the best entry point which was a trap door that leads into the main air shaft of the building I found a vent large enough for me to fit though I hope. I tried to open the vent as quietly as I could but I had to unscrew it and that toke more time then it should I eventually got it up and set it down on the other side of the hole I found a eye hook I the shaft right over the vent it almost seems like who ever put in the air shafts plan on the dude to get killed well his wish is my command. I hook onto the shaft and repealed upside down beside him with my knife out all the sudden he scudded back so put my hand over his mouth and put my knife to his against his throat and allayed a little pressure, and quickly pulling it across his throat and within seconds he bleed out and fell to the floor. Then I claimed down got unstrapped and walked over to the light switch to them off then I climbed up into the air shaft and started to curl out but then I seen the light come on when I looked back I seen that I forgot to put the grate back the it was just as I realized that a alarm sounded. When it came on I said to my self " that great fucking great" then I looked back at the vent and seen a head peeking through it looking right at me the good thing was I was in the dark so he couldn't see when he turned around I snuck up behind him and slit his throat and pulled him into the shaft and put the grate back and screwed it down. After I made it back to the rope I strapped on and stated to slowly climb up it to the far wall to leave. Just as I got to the middle of the rope a spot light shined on me and I know I was screwed because when I get over the wall I would be surrounded by an enemy soldiers and I wound be killed so when I did reach the wall I looked down at the ground and no surprise there were 15 men standing by the wall with ak47s ready to fire so I looked for the spot light and when I found it found the reason why I brought my long range pistol with the suppresser attachment so I pulled it out aimed the best I could with a super bright light sinning in my eyes after one minute of focusing I toke the shot and hit the light dead on. Now that I don't have a spot light on me walked away for the men to another spot on the wall and jumped down and I must have landed wrong or something because I twisted my ankle so I was limping to the truck. And when I was back at the truck I called Sanders my general and told him, "It's done he won't be a bother to us but his men on the other hand their a different story." Sanders "Ok good work an don't worry about his men when you get back to the base I'll give you your need objective effective right away." I answered with a tired tone " Yes sir see you then." When I got to the base I want to my cabin to put my stuff away when I got there I found a folder on my bed labeled nuke em. So for the two hours I went over the file over and over because I knew in the morning I'll be flying a F16 loaded with a very high powered bomb thats when I figured out why we where stationed ten miles from their base and why the file was called nuke em because tomorrow I'm actually going to drop a nuke on their base. That's also why I'm fling the fastest plane we have cause because I have to make a fast exit other wise my ass is fried at that point. The stupid thing I did was make my wife think that I would be coming home except in a wooden box, because I decided to call her and tell her that I loved her and that I always will and just hearing that made her cry so I tried to get her to stop by tell that I promise that I will be come home to her with open arms that cheered her up a little. That morning I woke up early to have a few cups of coffee before I had fly when I walked out of the mess hall I seem the whole base was lined up in two rows on both sides of the door and saluting me as I walked by and stayed that way until I pasted all of them and at the end of all of them was co-general Mathis and the general sanders saluting me as well that didn't clam me down any at all it only made me worry even more. While the co-general stayed on the ground Sanders walked with me up the stairs to the hatch of the plane and then saluted me one last time and said "I'll be here when land" as I was getting in to the jet before he closed the hatch he said "One other thing don't get dead." After that he shut the hatch and over the radio I herd the flight interiors ask me if I was ready. I told yes then I fired up the engines and started down the runway and toke to the sky after in the I was told to let them know when I was two miles out just then I told them I was two miles from the base then I when I was over the middle of the base I dropped the nuke and hauled ass out of there and circle around a safe distance away from the drop zone. I announced to sanders and the others that the base is being destroyed and still going. But not even be at a safe distance could keep my ass safe because I found myself right in the path of the blast so I made sharp turn to the right which was both smart but also dump because I got hit by the massive blast that completely fried my engines and killed them. While falling like a rock I yelled mayday many times over the radio before ejecting out of the jet and over my radio I could hear sanders yelling for a response in quote " Sergeant Luis report, sergeant report." But I got knocked out on impact with a rocky hill. The next thing I faintly herd that sanders said made me want to punch him, in quote, " I want a chopper recovery and file the mission a success and flight set for sergeant Luis but if you don't find keep looking but if you don't find him by sun down announce him missing and dead, but if he is alive and you don't find keep looking." I came to and in extreme pain I got on the radio, and said in quote, " I'm alive but I can't move I can enough to light a flare I'm ling on a rocky hill two miles south west of the drop zone and please hurry. 2 hours after the brutal crash and making the SOS call it had gotten dark and I could hear two helicopters circling over head so I pulled a emergency road flare and light it to signal them where I was and when they seen the flare at first they weren't so sure about landing so they shined the coppers lights on me and then they landed at the bottom of the hill and rushed up to me with a stretcher, and supply bags and then they started asking me if I was hurt, and if I could move and I told them yes that I hurt real bad, and that I barely could move so they slowly lifted me on to the stretcher and tied me down, and cared me to the chopper and toke me back to the base to put me in the base infirmary until they could get me a flight home so I could be treated for a concussion, 4 broken ribs, a broken leg, ass, arm, and wrist, and 5 cracked vertebras, a ruptured lung, massive blood lose, and severe internal bleeding. For the past ten weeks I had stayed in the ICU at a small navy and army recovery hospital in my home town about ten mile north of Huston Texas it's a small country town surrounded by farms and woods that are good for off road ding on. So after week eleventh I finished recovering at home which suck because I didn't think I would be coming home in a body cast and not being able to hug my wife and son back. By the time I was fully recovered and ready to return to Iraq they had already returned and at the army base in Huston so For the next month we're working close to home.

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