The Battle

This is a series about a lutinate in the us army and his life at war all around the world. This is rated mature 16+ for its grafic nature of strong blood, and gore, and mild language. It is a work in progress


5. Arctic Circle

December 30,1986

    What make this mission suck is the fact that it is the middle of winter and that it is -35° think god we in heated trucks. Once the trucks got through the gate to the base they went straight for the garage were it's warm kind of but it is still better then freezing to death just by walking out to the conference room. But we didn't have time to be briefed on the mission because right before we could meet the base fell under attack and we found your self in a arctic war against the ice men of the arctic circle. Every time a man would get killed Sanders kept sending someone else out to be killed eventually I tired of men be killed that were on our side so I decided to go out and shot everyone I see and from then on I kicked ass and of course I did it on my own. So I decided to call for some backup while still shooting, yeh I'm that good with a full auto machine gun, shooting nonstop for a while I eventually ran out of ammo so I started grabbing gun off the ground and taking the magazines out of them and trying to fit as many bullets in them that could to conserve space and leave room for more if needed. Soon after we found out were they where coming from a destroyed and frozen ship a place we should all have known. So Sanders decided to hit the ship with every then the air force had on them, the sound of the explosions was load only because I was the closest to the ship when it was hit luckily I can still hear everything and everyone around me so that good. Now all we have to do is clear out the rest of the ice men that didn't get fried that was the easiest clean up we have ever done, lets just from now on it will continue to be easy maybe even easier. But you never get what you wish for especially something getting easier it always gets harder and harder and it always gets colder oh wait that here get me out of here. But what am I complaining about three guys from Marshall's team got sent home because they would shut up about how cold they where now we don't have to listen to them any more. The next objective was destroying a testing facility that is going to be a little difficult to find because it's underwater and four foot thick ice the only way in is a elevator over the submarine pens and by five air intake vents but before we destroy it we have find a couple russian allies that were taken hostage while working on a project, and that's the reason we are here is because we lost contact with them five days ago so we are in charge of their safety and retrieval and beat the hell out of the assholes responsible for kidnaping them. On the way me and Jones were talking about the guys we were trying to save. With the vents rigged with explosives it makes it a little harder to get our boys out in time with a two hour time limit to find them because we have no clue of where they are in the facility, and with no radio contact with them we can't figure out where they are by communication, so we have hurry and search the whole place. We were a little suspicious of why the facility was cleared out, so I used a handy gadget the dictate a dead gas/virus ether right in front of you or way ahead of you. "Ten feet ahead of us is infected, the meter is jumping between 96 and 100% infection level, so on that note masks on." I said while measuring strength of the virus. We eventually found Avery and rode (the other russian alley) deep in the facility in a glass cell dead, sense we had masks on we opened the glass door just enough to slip my hand through to measure the virus levels within the cell, I didn't like the results the levels of the virus maxed the meter and it goes as high as 150%. With Avery and rode dead we made our way back to the elevator and up to clean air cause these masks hurt! Back on the surface I went over to the vents to reset the time to thirty second and bolted for the trucks and told the driver to step on it. "Our next objective is going to be easier, just because we'll be on the surface but we'll still be at war so it will still be fun." Sanders said in a serous tone. "So we aren't going home where it's warm." Daniels replied. "NO!" Sanders yelling at Denials. "So who are we looking for." I asked while smacking Denials in the back of the head. "Nobody this is simply a cleanup mission we're just killing the remaining enemy ground forces, air forces bolted when the virus excepted from the facility three days ago." Sanders replying to my question. So now we staying in this hell hole until this whole mess is cleaned up so we going to try to take care of it. The best thing is my team works fast so we completed the mission in two and half hours and three hour after we where on a plane out of there and on our way to out next destination.

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