The Battle

This is a series about a lutinate in the us army and his life at war all around the world. This is rated mature 16+ for its grafic nature of strong blood, and gore, and mild language. It is a work in progress


4. Afghanistan

July 6,1986

     While on the way to the army base I tried to get some sleep but about 15 miles from the base I got woken up to the pilots yelling " Mayday, Mayday we are going down. Engine and fuel tank has been shot we are loosing fuel fast. I repeat we are hit and loosing fuel and are going down fast!" After that I herd a load bang right beside me so looked out a window and seen one of the engines was on fire then I looked out another window and seen that the other engine was on fire to so I yelled up to the front "We just loosed the other engine!" Then the plane really started to drop even faster then before then I herd Hank one of the guys on my team yelling to the whole plane' "Every one get to the back of the plane and brace yourself for impact" then one of the meanest men on team Iron Fist Millstone griped at Hank, "How would standing at the ass of a two hundred foot twenty ton aluminum tube going to keep us alive when we are free-falling from ten thousand feet in the air at speed of god knows what towards the a rock hard ground and on top of that who knows how much fuel is left in this thing that blow us up as soon as we hit the ground…" I stop him there and said, "Are you done yet or do you to keep yelling while the rest of head for base, because the bird with no wings still managed to land smoothly." After I told him that he calmed down and got off of what was left of the plane. We were all standing around the plane in shock of the fact that we survived a major crash. Luckily we crashed land a mile from the base so we walk the rest of the way also what was lucky was that it was lunch time so we actually ran and cause of that we were real hungry and tired but glad to be alive and being able to eat. After lunch we met with Sanders and Marshal the general of the Marin corp to talk about our next mission and the number of men that will be working on it which is my team and half of Marshal's task force so there will be a total of 58 men working on this mission and I don't know how that is going to work out because it is going to be hard to keep track of every one. Two days later after meeting with the team we will be working with and going over the plains and the map of the area we will be at. Cause of consist reviewing of the plains and map everyone knew every turn, road, and building. The only thing we need to worry about is the guards waking around the area but besides that, this mission odd a be fun and easy. When we got into the battle zone we realized that there wasn't any guards or at least not many so this mission is going to be easier then we thought, our first objective was to take out the broadcast signal by destroying the satellite dish at top of the tallest building in the city, now we have to find a way up there and going in the building is out of the question due to the fact it is crawling with armed men so harpoon gun is the only option at this point once we get as far the rope will go then we might be able to get into the building though a window and take out the guards on the remaining floors which turned out to be 30 floors after climbed up 50 floors on a rope so there are probably going to a lot armed men on each floor. Luckily there wasn't any one to get in our way until we got to the roof then the real fun began when hot brass and lead started fling though the air and filling it with the smell of burnt gunpowder. But all went well no one on our team got killed and our radios were working again now the the signal that was blocking them was permanently disabled thanks to a little c4. After the first objective was complete our next objective was going to be a little harder and caused us to split up so we can get though it fast and all we had to do was set charges in the air shaft through out the whole building and set the timers for two hours at the same time using remote watches. We got the building wire to blow in about half an hour now all we had left to do within a two hour time limit was to kill the man in charge of the operation before he got away, after ten minutes of searching we found him and helicopter fling over head so we aimed and fired on the chopper making it and the leader come crashing down in flames and twisted medal. Even though I seen him get in the chopper I had to make sure he was dead or not but if the crash didn't kill the heat will. Because it was hot! But not as hot as the building is going to be once those charges go off in four minutes. I got on the radio said "all men fall back to the trucks we have on three and a half minutes to get the hell out of here, target is eliminated." And of course we run into trouble now we're stuck on the second floor thirteen feet high so we jumped out a window conveniently right into one of our trucks so we got loaded up and I stepped on the gas to be able to go through the gate and get away from the building before it blows up. After the building blow up Sanders and Marshall called us on the truck radio to discuss the progress of the mission, But little did I know my team wasn't going to be working with Marshall for a while because his team stayed in Afghanistan and we left for Arctic Circle

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