This is my first script. I've written stories since I knew how to write. I wanted to try something different. Please tell me what you think and if there's any way I can make it better. Thank You


1. Act One

Evelynn walks through the doors of a giant dance studio.  She walks through halls covered in framed pictures of point shoes, and famous ballet dancers.  She finds herself in front of a door.  She knocks on the door and woman or man answers it with a look kind of like distaste


Teacher: What can I do for you?

Evelynn: I'm here to enroll!  I-

Teacher: How long have you been dancing? Have you ever been in competition?


The dance teacher starts walking down the hall.  Evelynn walks with.


Evelynn: Well I've been in dance since I was four, but I've never went into competition.

Teacher: So you've never had any experince in competition?

Evelynn: None at all.

Teacher: Long pause before saying -  Lets see what you got.

Evelynn: Ok!


They exit into a door.

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