Young love

Just a little poem about a guy i have a crush on (keep it on the hush!) ;)


1. Young love

His eyes glow like lanterns,

They glow like the flame,

The colour of emeralds,

So precious and so rare.


They follow and watch me,

Of course I see,

I turn and look at him to see if he

 Cares, He smiles and waves oh look how he dares!


His smile brings such happiness to me,

It sparkles, it’s magic, I just can’t breathe!

His face glows like the sun in the sky,

So beautiful and bright, it’s just too much for my eyes,


I wish for him to be mine so badly,

He’s perfect and beautiful,

He takes over my body.


I love him so much, I wish he knew,

Unfortunately, I cannot tell a soul,

For I am not sure whether he likes me or not,

The thought brings me a feeling of despair,

I want him so much!

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