dawn part 1 : before the worst

after an 8.0 earthquke hits new york city anne and her family were forced to leave the city they search for the evacution center to surivie but it was 1000 kilometers in los angeles


5. working in a farm

after  3 earthquake the Midwest rebuild other states in the former USA have collapsed no people still remains after the 8.0 earthquake only the Midwest state remains after America falls world war 3 began killing all the humans on other nations only one nation remains the republic of Midwest then after the announcement last night Ohio or district 10 began building farms.and i was now a worker in the farm then president Alma establish a new currency my salary is 6,000 a month to feed my brother and sister after my mother move to Dayton  . a moment later another earthquake strike but not that strong only tree collapsed i went home i watch the news president Alma rebuilt the rail road line between Wisconsin and Michigan and a new kind of train is being built in sector 6 in illinos .the government said that only the reach can ride on it then a small rebellion happens in fort wayne in sector 6.still our life goes on in sector 10.still wisconsin abuses the sectors i heard many pepole died in the plague in sector 5

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