dawn part 1 : before the worst

after an 8.0 earthquke hits new york city anne and her family were forced to leave the city they search for the evacution center to surivie but it was 1000 kilometers in los angeles


3. welcome to pennsylvania

next morning the earthquke struck again anne and her family forced to leave new jersey they arrived at there grandfather house in pennsylvania little anne know about her grandfather her grandfather was.a drug user later that night'anne grandfather walk to her room and lock the door.anne grandfather said are you cold anne no?why then anne grandfather shut off the lights then anne scream her mother was shocked to see her daughter being raped by her grandfather ,at a sunnden anne mom hit anne grandfather with a lamp they ran outside the house by daylight they reached the border between pennsylvania.and ohio they were tried there last relative was anne aunt .aunt marie that live in ohio they will reach it by foot they saw dead bodies along the border even ohio was hit by the powerful earthquke ........end of chapter 3
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