dawn part 1 : before the worst

after an 8.0 earthquke hits new york city anne and her family were forced to leave the city they search for the evacution center to surivie but it was 1000 kilometers in los angeles


4. going to aunt marie

after we got out of Pennsylvania we head off to Youngstown the nearest town we are still a mile a way that night my mother and i went to watch a news then my older brother went to a supermarket to get some food .then we heard a news that another 7.7 earthquake hit Washington killing all the people there even the president was not speared.my mother said "these is our punishment after all we are sinners .then by morning we saw young by 7:00 we reach aunt Marie she welcomed us in .after a while a news spread .that the whole of the Midwest survive except Youngstown "3 days later " my mother got a job in Dayton it was 20 miles form Columbus she said she will not be returning for 5 years then aunt Marie turned the television on a new president was president may the 1st president of the new republic of hogsmeade she said the Midwest will be divided into 10sectors and they will have each industry .

sector 1 - Minnesota - capitol :st.paul industry :textile

sector 2- Iowa-capitol : Sioux city industry : lumber 

sector 3 - south Dakota :capitol : pierre  industry : mining

sector 4 - Kansas : capitol topeka industry : metal works

sector 5 - Michigan : capitol port Huron industry industry :fishing

sector 6 - Illinois : capitol spring filed industry: technology

sector 7- Indiana : capitol fort wayne industry : nuclear

sector 8- Nebraska  : capitol lincon industry : agriculture

sector 9 -Wisconsin : capitol Madison industry : power

sector 10 -Ohio : capitol Columbus industry : livestock

after the announcement aunt Marie shut the television down and we went to sleep.    





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