One With the Waves

Allyssa Caverly is a 14-year old girl who lives in St. Louis. When she gets irritated with her parents, they understand and treat her to a surprise vacation to Miami, Florida. Packing only luxury items, they go.But what she doesn't pack could mean life or death in the adventure she is about to encounter.


1. Wake Up


     My palms are sweaty as I attempt to pull him up. I can barely breathe, but I know if I let go I know I will never see him again. "Hold on!!!" I literally scream at him. "I'm trying!" He screams back at me. The pain is unbearable, it feels like pins and needles are being stuck into my arm and my shoulder will get ripped off any moment. I feel a tear streak my face as the pain gets stronger and the ache is too tense to deal with this any longer. He looks into my brown eyes with his bright blue ones. I know what we have to do. He slowly unravels his fingers out of mine, and he falls into what seems like infinity. "No!" I scream as he gets farther and farther. I just felt pain, but that is nothing compared to the pain I am feeling in my heart now. I cannot take this anymore. I slowly follow him, jumping off the edge of the volcano, into the burning magma. Then everything goes black and quiet.

     But then, I find myself in my bed. "Am I dead?" I silently whisper. A tired voice responds, "No, you're fine, I'm pretty sure, darling." It's my mom. I take a sigh of relief and get up. It's 5:15 on a Thursday school day. It was all just a dream, thank goodness. I step out of bed and walk out to the kitchen to eat breakfast. It was just a soggy bowl of Cocoa Pebbles and some orange juice, like always. I gulp down my food, brush my teeth and slip into my uniform- just a red shirt with a black logo, and a khaki skirt. Nothing much, really, just your normal, average student. I quickly but neatly put my hair into a large black bow, grab my bag and run out to my bus stop, my friend Emily's house.

     I meet her at the mailbox. She has blond hair and bright hazel eyes, way prettier than me. I only have scarlet hair and brown eyes, and too skinny. I'm only popular because I'm nice and get along with everybody. She turns around and greets me. "Hey Allyssa, what's up?" she asks. Hard one, like I don't get that question often. I answer with an average "Good, you?" I reply back. She says back to me, like any other regular human being would, "Good."

     Once we start a real conversation about the history test that we are both sure we are going to bomb, our bus pulls up. We greet our bus driver and sit down in seat 5, surrounded by Em's popular friends. I get settled and plug my earphones into my iPod and turn on music. I listen to it, occasionally taking them out to talk with Emily's friends (so they don't think I'm antisocial or whatever) and just chill out. I'm still tired from this morning, though. My eyes are getting heavy and I suddenly catch myself in the next part of my dream.

     I find myself in the hospital. They have no idea how I survived. I can actually walk, talk, and think. But he is dead. My only love, my only hope- gone. I can't believe it. I stand up and look at myself in the mirror. My hair looks more like frayed string; my skin is red and burnt. If only I hadn't let him go... I thought to myself. I looked away in embarrassment, disappointment, and disgust. I shed a tear, but quickly wipe it away. No, I think. It's not my fault. He let go. Memories of the accident  haunt me as I remember all the tragic moments. I laid back in my hospital bed, and a doctor walks in. He takes a syringe out of his snow-white coat and sticks it in my arm, and my vision goes dark. I feel a shaking sensation. "Allyssa... Allyssa..."

     "Allyssa!" Em yells. I open my eyes to reveal kids walking down the aisle to get off the bus.  "Allyssa, time to get to homeroom!" Em repeats. I quickly grab my bag, un-wrinkle my skirt, and get off the bus. Splash. I accidentally get water all over my new flats, but I keep walking. I just need to make the bell. And then today will officially start. Can't wait, I think to myself.


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