One With the Waves

Allyssa Caverly is a 14-year old girl who lives in St. Louis. When she gets irritated with her parents, they understand and treat her to a surprise vacation to Miami, Florida. Packing only luxury items, they go.But what she doesn't pack could mean life or death in the adventure she is about to encounter.


2. Average... Mostly.

     Just a normal day at school. I did better on my test than I thought I would (I got a C+) and all other classes were the same. Lunch was the normal slop they usually give out, and PE was as tiring as usual. It was, I admit, an average day. But just one thing was different. That dream.

     That dream is the thing that has been keping me from paying attention in all subjects. By now, you are probably wondering who that boy is. Well, to tell you the truth, I have no idea either. I have never seen him before in my life, but he is obviously important. I'm curious too, I know. But maybe I'll know sometime soon.

     Anyway, today has gone by delightfully fast. Once I got home, I started my homework and finished it in no time at all. Once I put my book up, I found my mother walking into the room holding my twin brothers Kendall and Kevin. "Home from pre-school!" she said, with an exhausted tone in her voice. She told me to babysit the boys, but I had other important things to do. For example, sleep. I want to know more about that dream. So I laid down on the couch and took a nice nap.

     I wanted to see my dream come back up, but I had no such luck. It was a boring nap, I guess I could say. But about an hour later, I woke up to my brothers screaming. I wiped my eyes, and smelled something funny. As I put my foot down, it landed on a wierd powder-like substance. "What the..." I thought. I looked up, and figured out what it was. 

     A split-second before I got covered in it. My brothers took the remains of it in the bag and tossed it onto my head and uniform. Flour.

     "Oh, you're going to get it, Kevin!" I yelled. I chased him around the house, and then he did the unthinkable. Well, not really, since he is such a troublemaker. But he did it, nonetheless. 

     He jumped onto mom's new sofa. It was a rich brown, a color that doesn't really blend in with white powder. Seemingly on cue, my mother walked out. "What is going on out-" She didn't get to finish her sentence, as her face turned as pale as the flour and her jaw dropped to the carpet. Her face was actually so pale and so surprised, I could have mistaken her as Scream. Then came the yelling.

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