A vivid Scene

Outside I see a heavy layer of clouds sitting on the sky. It rains really hard outside and people getting wet and soaked up. I run outside and I see the rain had stop but the white layer of clouds don't move. I think it would stay like that for the rest of the day. But it doesn't. Instead, the stubborn white layer of clouds slowly drift away. The bright sun smiles again and the cloudless sky shines again!


1. The Vivid Scene

Outside, the stubborn white layer of clouds are not budging and just sitting there, being lazy and not moving. The hard rain is pouring really hard. A lot of people outside are wet as a hippo underwater for 10 minutes. We are sad and gloomy. To me, the world is...dark and gloomy. The gloomy hour pass away and the stubborn white layer of clouds move away to another place. The blue, cloudless sky moves away and the bright yellow smiles again and we are all happy and the gloomy and dark hours were over....for now.

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