Bad girl (one direction)

This story is about a girl named phoebe Monroe, who meets the famous boyband one direction. The problem is.......cops are after her.



Phoebes POV

"TANISHA!?!" I yell at the top of my lungs. In 2 seconds she's standing right beside me "WHAT!?!" She yells back "that guy just asked me to frigging marry him" I said pointing to him "eww! That's wrong!" She says "I know right?" I ask "I hate those kinda boys" I say spitting in the dead body "so puny and weak!" Tanisha says "ugh tell me about it!" I say walking towards the door but getting cut off by a 5 year old boy with blonde hair standing in front of me "your majesty, will you pwease mawy me?" He asks "I'm sorry sweetie but you too young and innocent!" I say bending down to his height "NO IM NOT!" He yells "FUCK OFF!?! I yell causing him to slap me "that's it young man!" I say breaking his neck "NOO I WIL NOT MARRY YOU!!" Tanisha yells "oi you piss off will ya?"I ask "sorry ma'am but I can't do that until one of you say yes" he says kissing my cheek "you wanna die my loyal subject?" I ask "n-no your majesty, please forgive me" he says before running away "peasant!" Tanisha says as the dead boys body turns to dust "I'm gonna test myself on this harry guy" I say walking out with Tanisha coming after me "ill practice on Louis!" She says "okay just don't hurt him that much alright! He is pretty famous" I say walking towards the boys "harry and Louis we need to see you please? In private" I ask "uhh okay" that says in unison. We walk into the weapons room "wow! I see you have a boner for one of us?" I say pointing to their dicks "pervs" Tanisha says "dam right sheshe (the nickname I gave her)" I say slapping harry across the arm "OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!??" He yells holding his arm making his boner get bigger "just to see if you got harder that you already have, and would you look at that!" I say walking away and taking a stake from the closet "we'll see if you are one of us?" I ask harry "I'm not please don't kill me" he says "ugh, I was looking forward to it but seeing you used manners.....fine ill let you off the hook this time" I say walking out "PHOEBE!!" Tanisha yells excited coming down the staircase to where I was "what?" I say annoyed at harry "geez.'s your birthday tomorrow!" She shrieked "oh no, no no no your not buying me anything girlie!" I say "aww but it's your birthday, pwease pwetty pwease" she says pulling the puppy dog face "N.O NO" I yell "AWW WHY???" Tanisha yells


~Harry's POV~

I was walking down the staircase when I heard "it's your birthday tomorrow!" I'm guessing Tanisha said that "oh no no no no" phoebe says. Why would she say that? "Your not buying me anything girlie!" Phoebe says. Huh tomboy hey? "Aww, pwetty pwease!" Tanisha says "N.O NO" phoebe yells crossing her arms "AWW, WHY?!? Tanisha yells


phoebes pPOV

ugh why did she always have to make a big deal out of things like this! I'm a tomboy! Can't she see that? Why can't I be normal like Kelsey my ex best friend. She was free and bad, until Officer Bradley killed her, that little dickhead!


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