Bad girl (one direction)

This story is about a girl named phoebe Monroe, who meets the famous boyband one direction. The problem is.......cops are after her.


1. Phoebe Monroe

Hi, my names phoebe Monroe, I'm a rebel and I self harm:( I get bullied physically and verbally at school and everywhere i go. I have natural dark blue hair and purple eyes. My family is dead, thanks officer Bradley. My only sister died of a car accident a month ago. My little couz Tanisha Monroe is a rebel as well. I've got a bumble bee car (first bumble bee form not second) but orange with blue stripes named Glenn. I have an orange motorbike named elounour. I am the child of elounour Calder and Glenn Monroe. But they are dead now. My cousin is obsessed with one direction, she'll non-stop blabber about them, in fact she is right now over the radio, UGH. It's awful. Anyways got drive, bye.
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