Bad girl (one direction)

This story is about a girl named phoebe Monroe, who meets the famous boyband one direction. The problem is.......cops are after her.


4. Pain

Phoebes POV
"NEVER?!?" I yell. They turn towards me and strt walking "oh is that so" zayn says "sure why don't you all go fuck eachother, gay whores!" I say. They rip my shirt off leaving me in a bra and shorts "oh look who's half naked" harry says looking t my breast. I rip hus shorts off leaving him in only a shirt "oh look who's showing his dick to the world!" I say looking at my nails "whore" he says "show-off" I say "nesh ya okay?" I ask standing there "yeah, I don't look up to tthese fuck tarts anymore" she says wiping a bit of blood off of her mouth "ugh your mother must teach you no manners" Louis says "fuck Louis run!" Tanisha says "or what?" He says crossing his arms "phoebes pissed off that you mentioned her-" Tanisha was cut off by me saying "SHUT THE FUCK UP TANISHA!!" I yell. I start walking towards Louis "so your the fuck twad that dated my mother yeah? Eleanor Calder?" I say stopping 2 feet in front if him "FUCK!! YOUR HER DAUGHTER?!?!" He yells "sure am" I say taking a step closer till I'm in his face. I lean towards his ear "I'm an immortal" I say and as quick as lightning I'm next to Tanisha "AHH!!" Harry screams in pain "inflicting pain" I say smiling. Harry bends down holding his stomach "STOP!!?!?" Harry yells through tears. I stop and lean against my car "we'll nesh can ya guve me a boost?" I ask looking at her "sure" she says parking the car in front of my car. She hooks up the wires and arms wrap around my waist. My ex. "Hey phoebe" he says "fuck off dimwit" i say getting out of his grasp but I get pulled back in "what have I told you about swearing at me baby" Brady (ex) says punching my back. I don't budge nor scream "what the fuck phoebe!?!" He yells holding his bleeding hand "my turn" I say evilly grinning. I put my hand through his chest and feel his heart beat "bye bye baby" I say taking his heart out and chucking it at Tanisha who drinks it "f-fuck y-you" he says before collapsing and closing his eyes "yeah well you can't fuck me no more!" I say kicking his stomach "wow! I wanna be one! Turn me!" Niall yells "what I don't even know what I am yet!" I yell "your a vampire obviously!" Louis says "you know your half naked right?" Harry says smirking "yes lover boy I feel liberated!" I say walking to my car "okay since your bus has driven away without you 3 will go in tanishas car and 2 will come with me"
I say closing my car hood "I want to go with Tanisha" zayn, Liam and Louis yell at the same time "PHOEBE!!" Niall and harry yell getting in my car harry in the passenger seat and nial in the back "ya sure you want to sit there harry?" I ask "YES!!" He yells "okay but just a warning we will be going fast, dangerous and bumpy" I say. With that harry scots over to the back and I start driving "AHHHH!?!" I hear Niall scream "hahaha woo hop" I hear harry say "you guys are weird" I say taking a sharp turn making the car go on its side. It lands on all four wheels and then I hear sirens "FUCK OFF BRADLEY" I say sticking the rude finger up "hold the wheel harry" I say. He holds the wheel while I get in the roof "get off Monroe!" Bradley yells. I show my breasts and he rolls his car "I think he's dead"
I think to myself I get back into the car and they swarm me with questions "SHUT UP!?!" I yell "their just questions geez" Niall says "don't fuck with me blondey" I say swirling making him scream.
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