Bad girl (one direction)

This story is about a girl named phoebe Monroe, who meets the famous boyband one direction. The problem is.......cops are after her.


3. One direction

Harry's POV
We are on our way to Dallas and we are staying at a house with only 2 teenage girls. That's all I know. I walked into the kitchen to see Niall stuffing his face again "hi *gulps down food* harry" Niall says "hi Niall" I say grabbing a carrot and an apple out if the mini fridge. I take the carrot to Louis "thanks mate" Louis says "BOYS!!" Our bus driver, Paul, yells pulling over next to a young lady fixing her orange and blue car "you wanna help her?" Paul asks smirking. With that everyone jumps out and walks over to her.

Phoebes POV
Shit. My car broke down again. I was pushing on the car battery when a bus pulls over and 5 guys hop out. I realize I'm wearing a shirt that goes to the top of my stomach and short pants. I walk around the car to the drivers side and grab the radio speaker "nesh ya there?" I ask waiting for answer "need help?" A deep British accent says behind me "no, so piss off!" I say "yeah I'm here phoebe what's up?" I hear Tanisha say over the radio "ugh my car broke down again it's not starting I need you to give me a boost?" I ask walking to the front of the car "I like her hair" I hear an Irish accent call from behind "I clearly remember saying go fuck yourself" I say pushing harder on the battery "FUCK!!" I say as a big cut goes across my palm "umm are you alright?" A boy says "can I borrow one of you shirts?" I ask turning around holding my cut "AHH, shit what happened love?" A sweet voice says "well I cut myself dickhead!" I say as I hear a car pull up behind mine "hey phoe-AHH YOU NEVER SAID YOU WERE WITH ONE DIRECTION" she says coming at me with a hug and feeling liquid go down her stomach "what the- phoebe what happened" she says getting a rag out of her drift car "we'll I cut myself, wht does it look like?" I say grabbing the rag and wiping my cut "doesn't that hurt?" The deep British accent says again "do you want me to make you hurt?" I ask coming closer to him "ha is like to see you try" he says "umm I really wouldn't mess with-" Tanisha gets cut off "no no if he wants to start then let him. But I'll end it" I whisper the last part "well? Take a shot at me!" He says "you don't know what your getting yourself into harry" Tanisha says stepping back "you asked for it" I say and in the blink of an eye he has a scratch across his face "OWW!!" He yells holding his face "we'll ya asked for it!" I say going to my car "fuck you bitch" a voice says "now you've done it harry" Tanisha says hiding behind the car. My hair a lights and I walk to harry choking him "what did you say dick head" I say my eyes turning red "n-nothing" he says I drop him and walk off into the woods that surrounded us "PHOEBE! PHO-" I hear Tanisha yell. My eyes widen and I run back as fast as I can go "let her go you dirty whores" I yell seeing the boys surrounding her "not unless you tell us who and what you are?" Louis yells "NEVER!!"
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