Bad girl (one direction)

This story is about a girl named phoebe Monroe, who meets the famous boyband one direction. The problem is.......cops are after her.


5. Living with the boys

Harry's POV
I took over the wheel while phoebe got on top of the car "get off Monroe!" I hear a ping mans coice yell. Then the police car collides with a tree trunk 'I think he's dead' I think to myself phoebe comes back in the car "thanks" she says stepping on the pedal.

Phoebes POV
"Thanks" I say to harry. Soon we were at my house with Tanisha a few minutes away "would you like to come inside?" I ask unlocking the door "sure" they say rushing in "do you have food?" Niall asks "yeah keep walking and take the first right, that's the kitchen we have A LOT of food"
I say but before I could finish he ran into the kitchen "typical Niall" harry says "umm what do you wanna do?" I ask him "what do you have here?" Harry asks "we have laser tag?" I ask walking towards the laser tag room "COOL!" Harr y yells "ha" just then Tanisha comes through the door with the boys behind her "do you want to play laser tag boys?" I ask "YOU HABE LASER TAG IN YOUR HOUSE?!?!" Louis yells "ugh yeah" I say like its no big deal "YES!?!" Zayn and Liam say running towards me "where's harry?" Zlouis asks "picking a place to set in laser tag" I say pointing to the sliding door "OMG!!" Louis yells "lets go!" Harry yells from the inside of the door. We all walk into the room "AHH!" Tanisha yells as a zombie pops in front of her "haha- AHH" I scream as zayn scares me "shit" I say

~2 hours later~
Phoebes POV
Wow. It never ever ever ever ever occered to me that I would have that much fun since my parents died. Father if you are looking upon me now please tell me what I am. 'Darling you are the queen of vampires, werewolves, witches and any other creature on the planet that's immortal after today your life will be different, people will askyou to Marty them because you don't have a king yet, but you will grow VERY close to a young man named harry styles' a voice says "daddy?" I say 'yes sweetie I'm right behind you' he says I turn to see my father "father" I say I pull him in for a hug and cry while he strokes my blue hair "I thought you were dead?" I ask 'I am sweetie your reading my thoughts, I'm your imagination' he says and with that he dissapears "oh my god I'm a queen" I say then my cupboard starts to shake "my lady, will you marry me?" A boy with orange hair says "nope" I say crossing my arms "don't be scared my lady to say yes" he says "I'm not scared to say yes, I'm saying N.O!! NO" I say not moving "we'll see about that" he says coming up to me and "choking" me "why aren't you struggling or breathing for that matter?" He asks "because im queen my dead subject" I say ripping his heart out "and my cousin is queen so resort her as well" I yell "TANISHA!"
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