16 year old Jessica Starr is new to London and a school what happens when 2 of her teachers fall for her and she falls for them, will try give in to temptation


1. The New Girl

I made my way through the busy corridors of my new school, I was been shoved and pushed, been the new girl was tough, I find my locker, number 271, I put my combination in and put a few books in it. I slung my bag over my shoulder just as the bell rang. I walked to my first class Drama, I arrived at the drama room an walk in, everybody stares at me, I walk to the teacher who has blue eyes and brown hair put up into a perfect quiff, I hand him a slip of paper, " nice to meet you Miss Starr, I'm Mr Tomlinson, please take a seat" I walk to a seat and sit down looking around, Mr Tomlinson spoke with a soft tone the whole class, when the class finished I walked out the room and was making my way to the math room, " wait up" I hear a voice call from behind me I turn around and see a pretty brown haired girl " hi my name is Charlie, what's yours?" She asks " my name is Jessica " I say a bit nervously "we'll you seem really nice Jessica " she says " thanks " I mumble, we walk to our class and I sit at the back of Mr Styles' room, he writes some math questions on the board, I watch his perfect curls hang loosely down his face, " Miss Starr can you come and solve these ?" He asks flashing a smile, I walk up to the front of the room and take the marker, I answer all the questions an walk back to my seat, " Slut" one of the mean girls say , I pretend to ignore her an sit back down. At lunch time I sat at a bench by myself until Charlie comes and sits with me, we talk for a while until the bell rings and we have the rest of our classes. I walked to my History class with Mr McAllen, I sit in the middle of the room, an oldish man walks in with a blonde boy following him, " good afternoon class" McAllen said " Afternoon" the blonde boy said with a thick Irish accent. The rest o the day went pretty fast. I walked to my dorm and unlocked the door, a fake blonde girl was standing in front of a bed " oh looks like I'm sharing a room with a slut" she says " excuse me ?" I say " your a slut, and I can clearly see that you like Mr Styles and Mr Horan" she says looking me up and down " I don't know you and I really don't want to, what's your name?" I say " Cher now leave me alone " she answers I sit on my bed going through my phone when I get a text message ' get down to the assembly hall right now - Charlie' I stand up and walk to the assembly hall, I open the doors to see 5 men and 7 students , I saw Mr Tomlinson, Mr Styles and Mr Horan standing in the stage with 2 other men, " nice to see you Jessica, welcome to the New Directions" Mr Horan says, I smile " what is this?" I ask " this is our singing club and we want you to join" Charlie says " first we need you to sing us a song" Mr styles says, I sigh and walk up to the stage, I whisper the song , the music starts and I sing, at the end of the song everybody cheers, I walk away and the meeting finishes, I walk back to my dorm only to see Cher banging some guy, I quickly run out and run down the hall, I bumped into someone and I fell to the ground , I look up and I'm staring into Mr Horans eyes " ow" I say " here let me help you" he says and helps me up, he walks me to his house and gives me an ice pack "thanks" I say, we look at each other for a bit and we move in and I kiss him but pull away quickly " I-I'm so sorry" I say " don't be " he replies, he kisses me again and I kiss him back and he lays me down on his bench, I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, he starts to kiss down my neck and I moan, " mmmm, Mr Horan don't stop" I moan " call me Niall " he. Says between a kiss, i push him off me , " I'm sorry this isn't right" I say running out back to Charlie dorm crying. " what happened Hun?" She asks " Mr Horan and I kissed and he kisses my neck" I say " don't cry, he isn't that much older than you only 5 years, how bout you stay here tonight " she says, I nod my head an lay down in her spare bed, slowly drifting to sleep.
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