The Journey Of Niall's Angel

Niall Horan is in love with his best friend Kelsey Brooks when he finally works up the courage to tell Kelsey their every one's lives change once Kelsey spills the beans about her being haunted by that six letter word.
Will Niall and Kelsey overcome this tragic nightmare or will they be forced to live out their final days together?


12. What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

-Harry's POV- 

Me and Louis walked down the hall towards Kelsey's room, I opened the door we froze when we saw her and Niall cuddling 
"They made up?" I asked I saw Louis' jaw clench then he turned around walking out of the room I chased after him 
"Louis! Where are you going?" I asked 
"I don't know anywhere but here." He said 
"I know you care for her Louis but she needs us now." I said grabbing onto his shoulders, Zayn and Liam come down the hall 
"Is she awake?" Liam asked 
"No but go ahead it's time for her to wake up the nurse told me" I said they walked I turned back to Louis 
"She needs you Louis. Be there for her." I said he looked at me for a bit then silently nodded we walked to her room she smiled at Louis he walked over to her taking her hand 
"How are you feeling?" He asked 
I stood my arms crossed across my chest as I leaned against the doorway. 
Good job Styles. I rewarded myself 
"What's with the look?" Zayn asks I hadn't even noticed him standing there.
"What look?" I asked he shrugged 
"You've got that wedding planner at his successful wedding." Zayn said 
"Weird analogy but ok." I said he smiled 
"Who do you think she'd be happier with?" He asked 
"I think she'd be happier with both." I said hen it hit me like a sack of dead puppies.
"I ergot an idea come with me" I said dragging Zayn out of the room. Lik trailed after us. 

-Kelsey's POV-

I lay in my comfy hospital bed, Louis on my Right and Niall on my left each holding one of my hands I loved them both. I knew I SHOULD be with Niall but there was always Louis. He was like the balloons teachers used to put between the students at school dances. A very cute balloon though. The ones you brought home and named.
I smiled at them both. How was I supposed to let these to amazing boys love me when my timer till death had officially started ticking? I couldn't do that to them. 
A nurse came in with my medication Niall sorted out the pills and handed them to Louis who gave them to me individually as I swallowed them down with the help of some good old H2O. 
I liked seeing Niall and Louis' teamwork it made me happy. When I was done taking my pills I laid my head back. The drowsy pills kicked in causing me to be loopy. It was kinda like being drunk. I had no control on what was happening to me. I smiled at Louis and Niall. 
"My boys" I slurred putting a hand on their faces they smiled at me weakly then I was out like a blown lightbulb.

-Harry's POV- 

"So your saying she should be with both of them?" Liam asked raising his brows 
"She doesn't have a lot of time, she loves both Niall and Louis and how is she up posed to be happy with it one of them she doesn't have enough time for that." I explained 
"It kinda makes sense..." Zayn trails off 
"I personally think she'd be better off with Niall..." Liam states his opinion 
"I think she'd be better with Louis" I said 
"Niall" Liam said 
"Ok stop!" Zayn shouted cutting us off. 
"Sorry" me and Liam apologize. 
"How about we let her choose? Niall, Louis or Niall AND Louis" Zayn says 
"Fine" me and Liam compromise. 
Zayn nods and looks don at his phone 
"Niall" Liam mouthed to me 
"Louis" I mouthed back. 
I chuckled 
"How do you think we should propose this idea?" Zayn asked 
"Just say it? Why be all fancy about it?" I said 
"Yeah it's like you've never done this before" Liam says as we both roll our eyes and walk down the hall towards Kelsey's room. 


"Who thought of this?" Kelsey asked
"Me" I said hesitantly putting my hand up 
"Come here" she said I slowly walked up to her she smiled at me she gestured for me  to lean down I did so. 
"It's a good idea but your going to have to do some convincing." She said I nodded. 
"All of those who like the idea say I" I said 
"I" me Zayn and Liam said Louis and Niall just gave each other questioning looks this is going to be harder than I thought.... 



-Harry's POV- 

I walk into the hospital my Starbucks tea in my hand I sip it. 
And open the door I take the elevator up to Kelsey's room I walk into her empty room it was just me. I ditched a date to be with Kelsey. 
I sit on one of the chairs and take my Mac book out of my laptop bag and open it up I snap my fingers beside Kelsey's ear to wake her up and open up notepad. 
"Harry?" Kelsey asked tiredly 
"Yep, I wanna talk to you get your opinion..." I said 
"How early is it?" She asked sitting up it was truly 7am. 
"It's only 7 in the morning go away" she wined I smiled
"Sorry babe, not happening. How do you feel about the whole double dating Louis and Nialler?" I asked 
"Harry" she whined 
She turned away her back facing me I sighed and laid on her bed laying my laptop on my lap. I ticked her cheek with my finger 
"Wake up baby cakes" I said she groaned 
"Ooh someone grumpy." I said she groaned again I sighed. 
She probably thought I was going to leave her alone when I placed my laptop on the chair beside me. I put my arms around her hugging her I squished our cheeks together 
"What are you doing?" She asked 
"What don't you wanna spoon?" I asked 
She groaned I started to move my cheek on hers my curls tickling her face
She tried to elbow me but my grip on her was to tight 
"Fine! I'll answer your questions just get off me" she said I smirked mission accomplished 
I grabbed my laptop placing it on my lap once I sat up again I asked her the questions and she gave me answers some were about Louis some were about Niall. 

-Niall's POV- 

I walk threw the doors and start to walk up the stairs 
"Whoa hold up there sport where do you think your going?" Greg asks I roll my eyes and turn around 
"My room?" I said 
"Where have you been?" He asked 
"The hospital" I answered 
"Because I was with Kelsey. Got enough information Sherlock?" I asked he chuckled 
"I guess" he said I chuffed walking up to my room going in and shutting the door. I sat on my bed and got comfortable I soon fell into a dead sleep. 

-Louis' POV- 

I lay down on my bed staring up at the ceiling. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry's idea. Could we actually pull it off? 
Yeah we could. 
I think about texting Harry and telling him to count me out but something stops me. Telling me not to do it. 
I sigh and throw my phone across the room I put my hands threw my hair and sigh 
"What have you gotten yourself into?" I asked myself 
I started to sing "Same Mistakes" Harry's part in the beginning. 
I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to do this I mean how can you share the girl you love? That's like telling Edward to share Bella with Jacob! Impossible Edward would never do it but I'm not sure am I Jacob or am I Edward? Bella chose Edward in the end right? The thing is I also couldn't be picky about how I got to be with Kelsey. She doesn't have a lot of time left, I need to live for this moment because in another my life could be gone, taking everything with her. 
I sigh 
"How the hell is this gunna work?" I asked myself 

-Harry's POV- 

"So that's about it Kelsey thanks for participating" I said she nodded I slid my laptop into my bag and patted Kelsey's leg as I left 
Everything seemed to be working I got the ship ready now I just need the crew. The captains Louis and Niall and the other guys I don't know what their calleds Zayn and Liam. Now all Niall and Louis have to do is raise the ankers and set sail. I hope they have life jackets things could get messy.......

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