The Journey Of Niall's Angel

Niall Horan is in love with his best friend Kelsey Brooks when he finally works up the courage to tell Kelsey their every one's lives change once Kelsey spills the beans about her being haunted by that six letter word.
Will Niall and Kelsey overcome this tragic nightmare or will they be forced to live out their final days together?


14. Pull Threw

-Louis' POV-

I sat on a chair looking at the bruised and battered Harry. I hated seeing him like this. 

"@Louis_Tomlinson: why him? Why her? Why take away my most treasured friends?" 

I hated the fact that tomorrow they might not be here. They might not get a chance to live... To get married hell, what'd it be like to do adult things... Harry at 19 and Kelsey at 18. It's just not fair. I accepted that maybe heaven would be a better place for them but if they went there it would make this place a living hell. I tried to imagine love without Harry or Kelsey but I wound up crying everytime. 
I stood by Harry's bed, his busied and battered body laying on his side I ,over the curls off his face. Anne came into the room. She must have just found out. 
"Anne..." I said she walked up and crashed against me hard. She sobbed into my chest getting my shirt wet I didn't care. She needed me. 
"My baby" she said sobbing I started to cry as well. Kelsey's mom Rhonnie had came by this morning and was a wreck. Of course she knew about Kelsey's cancer but once she heard the news that it had worsened she couldn't handle it. 
I held Anne to me soothingly
"What happened?" She asked 
"They didn't tell you?" I asked 
"Liam tried telling me but he broke down in tears Zayn was sleeping and Niall was with Kelsey." She said I started to tear up worse just imagining the incident. Harry getting hit rolling over the hood and landing not moving. At all... 
I swallowed my tears down, 
"Harry was hit by a car." I said Anne sobbed again
"How?" She asked 
"He was leaving from visiting Kelsey and it happened. People said it was paparazzi's fault." I said she sniffled and wiped her eyes 
"I know you might not want to but can you give me a minute with him?" She said I nodded 
"I don't mind" I said she kissed my cheek I walked out. I walked down the hall and went into Kelsey's room. Niall was holding her hand and quietly singing to her as she slept. 
I cleared my throat and knocked Niall turned 
"Hey Louis, she just went to bed" he said 
"No I was looking for you" I said he nodded 
"Ok, well you found me" he said I walked in and sat down facing him 
"I just wanted to know if we were cool.." I said 
"Were cool. You know I can't stay mad at you. Your one of my bestest friends." He said I smiled 
"So I guess I can hug you?" I said 
"No. You can't" he said I looked at him he laughed 
"I'm just joking come here" he said he hugged me I smiled 
"What happened to us? Everything was perfect and then bam. It was like we were dropped into a pit of horrible." I said thinking about how just days ago Kelsey and Harry were running around and laughing and now Harry has bones broken and a memory to haunt him forever. And Kelsey has major pains and aches every day. She basically has to love knowing that everyday might be her last. I felt slight shaking then I realized Niall was crying I rubbed his back. 
"I finally realized I was in love with her...." He said 
"Niall it's ok..." I said hugging him tighter the one person I hated to see cry was Niall. Second from Zayn because Zayn like never cries but when he does it breaks your heart. 
I rubbed Niall's back I felt a cold hand on my arm I looked over to see Kelsey had woken up. 
"Niall" I said he looked over at Kelsey and smiled widely as tears came down from his cheeks 
"Hi" she said weakly smiling 
"Hi" Niall said 
"I missed you" she whispered 
"I missed you" he said 
"Niall" Liam said from the door 
"Liam" Kelsey said 
"Hey babe. Can I borrow Niall for a minute?" He asked 
"That's ok with me" she said Niall kissed Kelsey's forehead and got up he left with Liam 
"You know that's the first time he's left your side since you went under" I said 
"Is that a bad thing?" She asked 
"Of course not, he's loyal. But the bad thing about that is if the worst happens meaning you pass, he'll be there. He'll have to watch you slip away" I said she grabbed my hand 
"If that time happens to come... Get everyone out. I don't want any of the boys here if I'm dying." She said 
"I can't promise I can get all of them out, you know Harry being in here and all..." I said I almost covered my mouth shit. Why'd I say that?! 
"Harry's in the hospital? What happened?!" She asked trying to sit up. I eased her down 
"Kelsey you can't sit up" I said she laid down 
"Louis, when and how?" She asked 
"Yesterday, after Harry was done visiting you he was walking home the post were asking him loads of questions he got annoyed and went to cross the road when he was hit by a car." I said she started to cry 
"Oh my god" she said 
"How bad is he?" She added 
"Pretty bad, he's been in and out his vision is blurred from swelling and a minor brain injury, it's possible he may have memory loss. He has multiple broken bones..." I said She started to sob 
"I want to see him" she said 
"Your bed ridden, I can't let you do that" I said 
"You don't have any control over me" she said 
"Kelsey, stop" I said holding her down she kept fighting me. 
"Nurse!" I yelled a nurse came in 
"We need a sedation!" The nurse yelled 
Seconds later a second nurse appeared with a needle they held her down and injected the sleeping medicine into her arm just a minute later she was asleep. I felt bad but I couldn't let her go.
I got up. I saw Niall in the hall I told him what happened he went into her room once again I walked back down to Harry's room Anne had left Harrys back was to me. Bruises in his back and scratches I walked over slowly sitting down it was quiet until Harry started to whimper in his sleep he turned over onto his back his eyes shut still. He whimper his brows coming together in discomfort I reached my hand out grabbing his he squeezed my hand tightly I lost circulation I stroked his curls trying to comfort him I was aggravated.... 
"Just open your eyes... Just open them" I said no sign of his eyes opening. I leaned towards him 
"Do I have to open them for you? Come on just open them. It's do simple you'd make a hell of a lot of people happy. Just open your stupid eyes" I said I tugged my hand away from his I clenched my hands into fists. Why wasn't he opening his eyes? Was it easier in there? No friend dying, no crying mother or best friend. I knew he was in there I knew he could hear. I think. I grunted I was staring closely almost glaring at Harry when I noticed the tip of his tongue poke out wet his lips and then retreat I just wanted to grab his tongue and make his eyes open. Anything just to get a response. 
I leaned forward once again 
"I would love to know if my best friend actually remembers me so if you have time please clear that for me?" I said coldly. I leaned back in my chair 
I tapped my foot. I mix of anger and sadness flowing through me. 
"Just pull threw Hazza. Pull Threw" I said 
"You know if you keep in harassing him he's not gunna want to wake up" Zayn said from the door way 
"Oh hey Zayn, I just want him to wake up." I said 
"Well I don't think being mean will do the trick. You have to guide him back with love making it sound like your going to beat the shit out of him when he wakes up isnt going to make him want to wake up." He says walking in sitting in the chair beside men
"How's the boys?" I asked changing the subject. 
"Niall's sleeping in Kelsey's room and Liam went home to feed Loki" he said I nodded
"Do you ever wish you could just rewind?" I asked 
"No. Everything happens for a reason" Zayn said 
"So Harry getting hit by a car happened for a reason?" I asked 
"Well since you posted that tweet about your friendship being bullshit you made it look like you didn't need him. You actually even started to fool yourself but now that he's in the hospital your realizing how much you need him." Zayn explains I looked over at him 
"I need him as much as I need all of you" I said hugging Zayn. I needed all of my boys these boys were my life. Kelsey was too but that's a different story. 
I looked back at Harry. 
"Do you think he's gunna be ok?" I asked Zayn 
"The doctors are saying he's lucky to be alive. I don't know and personally I don't wanna know of he only has months or minutes. His bruises are healing though that's good right?" He said. I nodded. He patted my back 
"Harry's a strong lad he'll pull threw." He said he turned to walk I watched him walk away 
"I don't think he's strong enough to beat this..." I whispered to myself I've never sen Harry so bashed in my life. I couldn't loose Harry and then loose Kelsey as well it would break me, and the boys. This whole thing was one big giant mess! I couldn't handle more harm coming to my family, (aka the boys) I just didnt want to see any of them hurt anymore. That was getting old... 

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