The Journey Of Niall's Angel

Niall Horan is in love with his best friend Kelsey Brooks when he finally works up the courage to tell Kelsey their every one's lives change once Kelsey spills the beans about her being haunted by that six letter word.
Will Niall and Kelsey overcome this tragic nightmare or will they be forced to live out their final days together?


2. Lunch Time

-Niall's POV-

I walk into the lunch room with Kelsey meeting up with Zayn, Harry and Liam
"Where's Lou?" I asked
"Getting food" Liam answered. We met up with Louis in the line.
"Do you guys want anything?" He asked pulling his wallet out of his pocket
"No Were good" we all said we walked with him as he carried his food back
"Can I have a sip?"
"Can I have a fry?"
"Can I have a bite of your burger?"
Me and the boys ask Louis
"Bitches stop!" Louis said
We were silenced
"I just asked you all, 2 minutes ago if you wanted anything and you all said no. And now it's all. Can I have a fry can I have a bite can I have a sip of your drink. You all said no I don't want anything but now you want to dive into it like it's a fucking buffet!" (Thank you to the Hilarious "Itskingsleybitch" for that line Louis just said! Go look him up on youtube! Itskingsleybitch)
"Woah Louis" Harry said
"We were just joking" Zayn says
Louis agresivly bites into a fry chewing it glaring directly at Harry peering into his soul Harry stares right back. I look at Niall. He looks back at me he points to his hand and I look down he had a bag of sweetish berries I smiled and took one he I noticed him watch me sneak it into my mouth he smiles.
The boys continue to talk as Louis casually eats still not giving up any of his food to the huungry others I felt Niall's hand nudge my thigh gently. I look down to the sweetish berry in the palm of his hand. I take it and out it in my mouth as we giggle.
"What's so funny?" The boys ask looking down the line.
"Nothing" me and Niall respond they turn away suspiciously
Niall lightly nudges my thigh again revealing another sweetish berry I take it from his palm. I slip it through my lips as I fake wiping my mouth.
Louis finishes his lunch
"Hazza, go get the queen a refill" Louis said shaking his empty disposable cup at Harry the ice shaking around in the cup
"Louis I'm not your sl-" Harry starts
"Do it!" Louis yells making Harry jump causing a smirk to tug at Louis' lips
"Throw out my garbage while your at it" Louis adds handing Harry his tray over the table Harry sighs but takes it walking away
"Why does he do whatever you say?" I asked
"Because he knows I can kick his ass" Louis said I smiled
"So how are you feeling today Kels?" Louis asks
"Better thanks to the hands of doctor Horan" I said Zayn starts to giggle at the other end of the table, his laugh was rare but also funny and adorable.
"What's so funny Malik?" Niall said
"The hands of doctor Horan?" Zayn says raising his brows waiting for people to catch in to his dirty joke we all look at him when all the sudden Louis starts to hit the table hard doing a loud laugh making people stare.
Zayn laughs still. Louis stops laughing
"Ok guys when Harry comes back laugh like we all had a funny joke going but don't tell him what it is just keeping laughing" Louis comes up with an evil joke when we notice Harry coming back we all started to laugh he sat down placing the cup infront of Louis
"What's so funny?" Harry asked
We all just kept laughing
"Guys?" Harry says
Harry begins to pout as he sits there the bell rings and I'm left with Niall, Zayn and Louis.
"We have chemistry next right?" Louis asked
"Lou you've been going to this school for the last three years you tell us" Niall says Louis laughs
"Chemo it is!" He said
"On ward peasants!" He adds as we walk down the hall towards the labs. We get into the lab just before the late bell I take my seat next to Niall as Zayn and Louis sit behind us.
Zayn pushes up the sleeves of his red hoodie (Like in the Red Nose Day single cover)


We were mixing chemicals Niall's stomach growled
"Kelsey I'm hungry" he whined
"Nialler, we just ate a bag of sweetish berries" I said
"I know but I'm hungry" he whined
I walked over to my denim jacket Louis got me and pulled out a bag of big foot candies
"This so the best I can do for you Nialler" I said
"Big foots! Thanks Kelsey!" He said and opened up the bag.
I put my blond hair in a pony tail and poured in the green liquid.
"Hey Niall are those big foots?" Zayn's voice comes from behind us
"Yeah want some?" He asked
"Yeah" Zayn said
"Tough shit." Niall said Zayn frowned
"Hey I wonder what would happen if you out one of those in here!" Louis said Niall smiled turning towards their table, I did also interested.
Niall handed a big foot over to Louis he dangled it over his boiling beaker of mixed chemicals
"Louis Tomlinson what is that in your hand?!" Mr.Harries said Louis jumped at the sudden yell aimed towards him causing him to drop the big foot into the beaker we all waited
"Aww well that was a waste of ti-" Louis was cut off by the chemicals shooting up in the air with a loud pop it splashed all over the four off us making us blue.
We all looked at each other and started laughing
"Do you think this is funny you all could have gotten seriously hurt! Office now!" Mr.Harries yelled we all got up
"Enjoy the walk of shame" some guy said to me snickering
"Hey back off" Niall said coming to my rescue. He put his arm protectively around me ushering me out behind Zayn and Louis. It was then and there I remembered that Niall had kissed me.
I looked up at him, I felt nervous and queasy I mean Niall was my bestest friend could having a relationship with him ruin not only my friendship with him but the other boys as well if we ever broke up?
I couldn't loose them. I won't ever bring up the fact I was awake when Niall planted a kiss on my lips thinking I was sleeping I mean it could all blow up in my face, he could have just been experimenting to see if he liked me or not. What if I asked him and his answers had come out false. Talk about awkward we'd probably never speak again! And I need Niall. Especially now in my situation.
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