The Journey Of Niall's Angel

Niall Horan is in love with his best friend Kelsey Brooks when he finally works up the courage to tell Kelsey their every one's lives change once Kelsey spills the beans about her being haunted by that six letter word.
Will Niall and Kelsey overcome this tragic nightmare or will they be forced to live out their final days together?


1. Little things

-Authors Note!!: I'm Making this Movella for my sister. I do this a lot :) her name is Kelsey. But anyways hope you guys enjoy!!-

-Kelsey's POV-

I stand at my locker the boys' new song (well it's not that new anymore ;])
"You still have to squeeze into your jeans but your perfect to me" Little Harold sang I reached up for my book...
"Baaaah!" Someone yells grabbing my waist I scream but he covered my mouth
"Shhh jeez Kels it's just me" I hear the smooth Irish accent I take a deep breath and smell his scent. Niall smells like pineapples that sweet sugary scent. He slowly removes his hand from my mouth I turn around from having my back to his chest and take in his features.
Ocean blue eyes, adorable prize winning smile and adorable dyed blond hair with his roots slightly showing. I wondered why a guy like Niall would be friends with a girl like me. I mean he was Louis' assistant captain on the soccer team he was the definition of beauty. But. Would never tell him that. Also one of my most favorite things to do ever is to make Niall laugh. He had that laugh you want to hear.
I smile at him he wraps me in a Horan hug holding my arms down at my side with his arms my face is smushed against his polo I take in his scent again and I'm in heaven.
He lets me go and I can feel the blood start to flow through me again
I turn around usually Niall would walk away but he stayed
"What's wrong?" Niall asked. Shit. He suspected me.
"Nothing I'm fine." I lied I didn't want Niall to know about me it would make him be worried about me constantly.
"No your not, I know when there's something wrong I can read you like an open book" he says my heart stops does that mean he knows?
"But this particular part of the book has an ink splat. So I'm a asking the author. What's under that ink splat?" He asks his words were powerful.
"Niall. I'm fine lets go to class." I said
"Nah I got football practice ditch and watch?" He asked I smiled
"Sure" I said we walked down the hall together he held onto my back pack as we walked through the croweded hallway we reached the boys change room and Niall went in I waited outside.
This school didnt really care if you skipped they always say
"It's your education do what you want with it" I loved this school the freedom of it.
Niall comes out in his soccer gear and puts his hand on my back as he leads me along I enter the HIGE indoor areana with the room that could open, what could I say? This was a soccer town almost every school had one of these I looked down to see the boys Louis and Harry playing keep ups Liam and Zayn kicking a ball back and forth and all the other members I didn't know.
We walked onto the field and Louis notices me
"Kelsey!" He yells loud,y it echoes off the walls as he runs forwards and scoops me up in a huge hug he swings me around
"Look Harreh it's our favorite Kelsey" Louis says Harry looks over and smiles he walks towards me and hugs me with Louis surrounding me in their arms Harry nuzzle his fluffy curls on me and I was pressed against Louis' chest every girls' dream right? But Louis and Harry were my best friends and this was the everyday rutiene and when I say everyday I mean EVERYDAY! Even in the hallways they'd do this. I wondered why One Direction became my friend like hey I'm just a 16 year old girl from Canada! But it was me who Niall sat beside his first day in biology 2 years ago, the one who spilt her formulas all over his jeans. The one who laughed when Niall caused an explosion in the chemo room. I was just like him. If you looked at us you'd think we were related I mean we both had blond hair and blue eyes but mine would never be like Niall's ocean eyes.
Louis and Harry release me but Harry pecks my cheek Louis does the same.
"I gotta practice see you after? Just sit over there" Niall says I nod he kisses my forehead sweetly and jogs off to the boys I stand by the baracade.
They practice for a good 15 minutes before Louis gestures for me to join them I smile and jog over we start kicking it around were all laughing and running around I looked over at the clock when I feel a huge pain in the side of my head the ball had hit me. Let me tell you. Getting hit with a soccer ball HURTS because these guys can kick it I fall to the ground laying on my side everything blury and my ears are ringing. Niall is the first to me, he picks up my head and elevates it onto his lap I see him as a blur I feel his warm hands on my head stroking my hair
"Oh my god!" The rest of the boys come running over the other team mates just hover around.
"Kelsey I'm so sorry it was stupid to bring you onto the court!" Louis says looking down at me Harry hovers to my left his necklaces hanging Liam and Zayn are near me also. I taste iron
"She's bleeding" Zayn says he was never good around blood.
I felt my eyes closing. Did I really get knocked out from being hit by a soccer ball?
"Who hit her?" Niall's voice rings out
"Who hit her?!" Niall asked again yelling this time now I look and see Louis
"Liam can you" Niall says Liam comes over and rests my head in his lap
"Niall" I said he looks over
"I'm alright" I said trying to sit up but falling back down onto Liam's lap he whimpers from where my head landed
"Sorry" I said
"It's ok" he says
"Seriously who hit her? I hear Niall he's asking the other team mates I guess none of the boys hit me.
"Tell him to stop" I whispered Louis got up and walked Harry put his hand on my forehead he took his hand away Accidentaly touching the blood from my nose he took his hand back Zayn took one look at Harry's hand and fell to his side. He fainted. Harry wiped it on his black jeans and took out a tissue from his pocket
"Why do you have a tissue?" Liam asked
"I have one of those packs in my pocket, I don't know k?" Harry says as his eyes flick from Liam to my nose as he hovers over my face his necklace come down and hit my face
"Sorry" he says and tucks them in his shirt he wipes away the blood I look over and see Louis and Niall talking Louis holding back Niall trying to get him to calm down by holding him from behind as Niall squirmed in his arms.
"Is it still bleeding?" Liam asked
"Only a bit it should be ok though" Harry says
That's when I black out.
I wake up in someone's arms I know it's Niall when a take in the sweet smell of pineapple.
I look over and see Zayn over Liam's shoulder Louis looks down and notices I'm awake
He gives me a sympatic look and slightly smiles as me. I close my eyes again feeling sleepy
I wake up to snapping beside my ears I look up and see all of the boys well minus Zayn surrounding me and the school nurse
"Hi sweety you went through quite a hit" she said
"Is she going to be ok?" Niall asked looking at the nurse
"She'll be fine she just needs to go home and rest."
"I'll take her home" Niall said the nurse looked at him
"You have to get to class" she tells him he looks at her again
"Let me rephrase that... I AM taking her home" Niall said the nurse walked out after handing Liam a bottle of pills
"Where's Zayn?" I asked After the was gone
"He's still out but he'll wake up soon. Louis and Harry are going to take him home" Niall answered Liam handed Niall the pills
"I have a English test, these are her medicine read the bottle and you should know what to do. Keep me posted" Liam says Niall nods Liam kisses my forehead and leaves the room. Lea OMG me with Niall, Louis and Harry.
"I guess me and Harry should get Zayn home then" Louis says Niall nods they both kiss my cheeks and leave.
"Ready to go?" Niall asks I nod he picks me up and says bye to all the staff as he helps me out of the school he sits me in his range rover and reaches acrossed me buckling me in he tucks a loose strand of my hair behind my ear before starting the car. Louis, Harry and Zayn pull by in Harry's car.
We pull out and soon pull into my driveway.
Niall helps me out of the car and up to my room he lays me on my bed he strokes my cheek as I keep my eyes closed Niall must think I was out again because he leaned down and pecked my lips. That's when I do go back out.

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