The Journey Of Niall's Angel

Niall Horan is in love with his best friend Kelsey Brooks when he finally works up the courage to tell Kelsey their every one's lives change once Kelsey spills the beans about her being haunted by that six letter word.
Will Niall and Kelsey overcome this tragic nightmare or will they be forced to live out their final days together?


4. Jealousy

-Louis' POV- 

I lifted the weights one more time before setting them down, Zayn lets out another grunt once Harry punches the punching bag Zayn was holding for him once more before Turing to me sweat coating his forehead. Zayn picks up his Nike bottle handing it to a panting Harry. 
"Where's Niall and Liam?" I asked 
"Liam is at home doing homework and Niall is with Kelsey." Zayn says I nodded 
"They're together a lot eh?" I said crossing my exposed arms across my chest
"Louis... A-Are you Jealous?" Harry asked 
"No." I said flat out to early. Harry and Zayn dramatically gasp 
"You are jealous!" Harry says smacking my arm playfully 
"I'm not jealous" I said 
"Don't worry Louis. We're not weirded out." Zayn said 
"There's nothing to be weirded out about." I said my heart in my throat, I mean I don't know if I was jealous. It's not like Kelsey actually loves me right? It's pretty obvious they are in love now that I think of it.... 
"Sure Louis..." Zayn and Harry say smirking. For some reason I feel anger rise up inside me. 
"I'm not jealous!" I yelled I looked them over and walked out of the gym having to shove threw the two of them. 

-Niall's POV- 

Me and Kelsey were playing "Would you rather" in her bedroom. I lay on my stomach on the end of her bed she sat in one of her throw pillows on the ground. We read the things off of our phones from google. 
"Would you rather... Date a kind poor man or a rich douche bag?" I read. 
"Date a kind poor man" she said 
"Really?" I asked 
"You calling me a gold-digger?" She asked slightly smiling 
"Maybe.." I said smirking 
"Niall Horan!" She said I smiled and chuckled she looked down at her phone 
"Would you rather.... Loose your virginity to a gorilla or a chimpanzee?" She asked 
"Ewwww!" I said 
"Pick one" she said 
"Can we just skip this one?" I asked 
"Nope. You have to answer all of them." She said 
"You suck" I said smirking.
I wondered if I should tell her about the kiss, how I kissed her when she was sleeping. I couldn't resist her beauty anymore... 

-Louis' POV- 

I walk threw the door of the house slamming it Liam looks up from his homework 
"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked setting his pencil down 
"Zayn and Harry think I'm jealous of Niall and Kelsey spending the together" I said 
"Why are you getting so worked up..? It's just a little teasing..." Liam said 
"It's not that I'm mad at that Liam.." I said I knew I could trust Liam with anything even this. Especially this. 
"Then why are you mad?" He asked 
"I'm mad because its true." I said 
 "Why are you mad? Love is an un controllable feeling, it's nothing to be angry with." Liam says 
"But it's Kelsey, I can't just... I have to go Liam." I said I turned and ran up the stairs into my room throwing on some chinos and a tshirt I threw on a pair of matching keds too. I ran back down the stairs. 
"I'll be home soon Liam, but don't wait up." I said I threw the door open and ran to my car dropping the keys cursing to myself 
"Hey there neighbor!" One if the neighbor hood kids, Henric had said to me. 
"Hello Henric." I said impatiently. I put my arm under my car patting the ground looking for my keys 
"What are you looking for?" Henric asked I had thought he left. 
"My keys, I dropped them" I said when I swiped my hand under I heard the rattle I went back and grabbed the keys pulling them out 
"Good job neighbor! So I guess I'll see ya later, around 7?" He said I looked at him 
"7?" I asked 
"Yeah Liam accepted my moms invitation to come over for dinner, didnt he tell you?" He asked innocently 
"No. But I guess I'll see you then Henric" I said 
"Bye neighbor!" He said I got into my car. 
I drove down the streets just thinking. Could I really have feelings for Kelsey? I mean Niall had her first right? There's nothing I can really do. 
This had to be a misunderstanding...

-Niall's POV- 

Kelsey hands m the bag of crisps and sits down on the other side if the couch 
"What do I smell or something?" I asked 

-Kelsey's POV- 

Niall looked over at me 
"What do I smell or something?" He asked I shook my head
"No" I said he opened the blanket he had like a wing I scooted over snuggling up to him as he played the movie. 
He stroked my hair as I felt my eye lids get heavy. His sweet pineapple scent filling my nose like a soother. I didn't wanna keep this secret from Niall but things would change and they would never be the same.... 

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