The Journey Of Niall's Angel

Niall Horan is in love with his best friend Kelsey Brooks when he finally works up the courage to tell Kelsey their every one's lives change once Kelsey spills the beans about her being haunted by that six letter word.
Will Niall and Kelsey overcome this tragic nightmare or will they be forced to live out their final days together?


8. First Kiss (Well Sorta...)

-Kelsey's POV-


-1 week later-


Me and Louis still arent talking..

Niall and I have grown close I didin't have time for Drama. I was counting down my days though I still have like 6 months I don't wanna live the last of it with drama. If Louis wanted to be angry with it till he had to burry me in the ground then fine. be that way. I walked up the stairs to Niall's room as he followed we entered his room and sat down

"So do you really wanna do this homework?" I asked him

"No, Not really.." He said I smiled

"As expected." I said he smiled

"Hey don't hate." He said

"No Hate here Nialler" I said he smiled at me we stared into each others eyes

"Your so beautiful" He lowly said kinda like he was breathing it out. I smiled and pecked his cheek

"Thank you" I said he smiled but turned his head connecting our lips. I smiled onto Niall's lips.

-Louis' POV-

I sighed sitting down st the kitchen table with my Mum and sisters.

Lottie and Fizzy were annoying me so much. I shut my eyes tight trying to hold in my new anger issue. Since I found out about Kelsey's cancer I've been easier to piss off.

Lottie was mocking someone at her school and then started to mock me she started to poke me while doing it I couldnt hold it in anymore.

"Shut up Lottie!" I yelled the whole room fell silent. I looked across the table looking at Daisy and Phoebe, They looked scared I swallowed hard and roughly pushed my chair back and charged up to my room.

I couldn't keep Kelsey's secret anymore the boys diserved to know espeacailly Niall since they were romantically interested in each other.

I dialed Niall's number.....

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