The Journey Of Niall's Angel

Niall Horan is in love with his best friend Kelsey Brooks when he finally works up the courage to tell Kelsey their every one's lives change once Kelsey spills the beans about her being haunted by that six letter word.
Will Niall and Kelsey overcome this tragic nightmare or will they be forced to live out their final days together?


15. Come On Wake Up

-Louis' POV- 

Having to go back to school was hard I walked down the hallways with Niall. Our heads hung low and everyone stared at us. I didn't look up I stood at the door of my first class... 
What was I doing here? I looked behind me, not a far run. I looked back inside the class I don't think anyone saw me. I turned and bolted for the exit. I ran out the doors binders still in hand I threw them inside my passenger window as I ran by and hopped into my Porsche threw the window and started the engine. 
I drove to the hospital. I walked in 
"Hey Martha" I said to the secretary 
"Louis you can't go up" Martha said I know what that meant... I to the stair door the elevator would take to long. I climbed up the floor flights of stairs and found Kelsey's room. I ran in and saw her, her eyes shut but her heart monitor was still beeping I let out a sigh of relief over joyed I jumped forwards and kissed her sleepy lips I jumped back and covered my mouth 
"What'd I just do?" I asked against my hand I quickly backed out and ran to Harry's room. Still out. 
"Come on wake up" I said aggravated. I walked up and checked his temperature... What it's a habit for when little Hazza is sick. 
But this time at my touch a cute child like moan came from him I smiled and sat in the chair I tickled his nose he crackled it in his sleep and moved his legs around I smiled as another moan came from him. 
I started to play with one of his curls
"Louis what the hell?!" Liam yelled walking forwards and pulling me away from Harry off the chair 
"What?" I asked 
"You just ditch school?" He asked 
"How'd you know?" I asked 
"Office help saw you bolting it out the doors" 
"Fucking office help." I said with an aggravated sigh and the cross of my arms 
"What are you going to drag me back there?" I asked 
"No. But don't try and get me to do your homework either because no doubt they'll send some home with one of us..." I said 
"Ok. I won't, thanks Liam" I said he nodded
"Your welcome but don't tell Zayn I let you off this easy, remember what happened last time he tried to skip?" He asked I chuckled just thinking about it. I was home with a fresh.y broken wrist and Zayn tried to skip and Liam found out and came home.... 


I sat on the couch watching some cartoons when Liam stormed in 
"Hey Liam" I said 
"Hey" he said as he kept walking 
"Hey are you here?" I asked but he was already gone I heard muffled talking then Zayn's constant Ow's 
"Ow ow ow ow ow ow" he kept saying when they reached the loving room Liam walked threw holding Zayn's ear 
"Ow Liam your tearing my ear off!" Zayn yelled in a deep voice I laughed as Liam grabbed his shirt collar pulling him out. 


I chuckled once more as Liam left. I turned back around Harry was silent again. I sat once more and rested my elbows on his bed but then found myself starting to fall asleep. 

"Louis?" I heard the weak voice I opened my eyes and saw Harry he very weakly smiled at me I smiled back with nothing but pure joy. I threw my arms around Harry but he grunted telling me I had hurt him I sat back down 
"Sorry" I apologized he smiled 
"It's ok. Where is everyone?" He asked I shrugged 
"I don't know but all that matters is your ok!" I said 
"Yeah, is Kelsey still...?" He didnt wanna finish the question 
"Alive? Yes. She's still alive." I said he nodded 
"That's good so whn can I get out of here?" He asked 
"Whenever you wa-" 

My eyes sit open to the ringing of my phone I didn't answer it I pressed ignore. I looked down at the still sleeping Harry. 
Just a dream eh?... I frowned and got up I walked towards  Kelsey's room and walked in. 
She was awake 
"Hey Louis, is Niall still here?" She asked
"Uhh why?" I asked 
"Because I wanted to thank him for the wake up kiss" she said smiling I coughed I wanted to tell her the truth so badly but... 
"It was you wasn't it?" She asked I bit my lip 
"Sorry" I quietly apologized 
"Apology accepted" she said 
"Your not gunna be mad?" I asked 
"I don't have time for anger, now come here and give me a hug" she said I smiled and walked forwards she sat up as I sat on her bed and I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close a tear rolled from my eye. It rolled onto Kelsey's bare shoulder she pulled away from me and saw that I was crying. 
"Oh Louis" she said and wiped my tears away I looked down. 
"Louis... Are you ok?" She asked 
"I have to ask you one thing before you die..." I said she lifted my chin with her finger 
"Ask me anything" she said and gently smiled I looked into her eyes 
"Can I kiss you?" There I asked it. I've always wanted to. 
She looked at me then pecked my lips and leaned away but I put my hand on the small of her back and pulled her closer to me she put her hands on my face only the tips of her fingers touching my cheeks as I looked into her eyes 
Our faces were close I leaned all the way in our lips touching locking together finally 
We had to pull away once my phone went off I sighed a text from Liam... 
Their all coming I looked at Kelsey and then the whole moment lost its magic when I realized Kelsey wasn't mine. This is probably a one time only thing. I looked down again 
"I'm going to go get a tea" I said my voice shaking from up coming tears. 
"Want anything?" I asked 
"No I'm ok thank you" she said I nodded and walked our desperately wiping at my eyes. 
Stop crying! Stop! I yelled at myself only making it worse. Well as you can guess... I'm a complete mess. 

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