The Journey Of Niall's Angel

Niall Horan is in love with his best friend Kelsey Brooks when he finally works up the courage to tell Kelsey their every one's lives change once Kelsey spills the beans about her being haunted by that six letter word.
Will Niall and Kelsey overcome this tragic nightmare or will they be forced to live out their final days together?


3. Blue Man Crew

-Kelsey's POV-

We sit in the principals office. He looks the four of us over. We were completely blue. Our skin from head to toe was blue. We got most of it off our clothes though.

"You know what I won't suspend the four of you for putting lots of people in trouble but your going to have quite the punishment." He said

"What is it?" Louis asked

"You keep yourselves like this for the rest of the day, and later today at the gathering everyone will see you. That's your second option" the Mr.P says

"Whats our first option?" Zayn asked we all look at him

"Like talking to a brick wall" Mr.P said sighing

"What's the first option?" Zayn asked again

"Accepting the suspension form and going home." Niall said Zayn nodded

"I'll take the sus-" Zayn starts but Louis clamps his blue hand over Zayn's mouth

"We'll go on through out the day" Louis says flashing Mr.P a smile and getting up out of his chair we begin to walk down the hall Louis swats Zayn in the back of the head.

"Are you kidding me? If you got suspended from school management would kill you" Louis said "Sorry Liam" Zayn says jokily Louis chuckled

"I don't think Liam would have done that" Louis said

"He would have" Zayn says

"Ok would he do this?" Louis says he stops in his place in the hall

"Midhigh foot ball rules!" Louis yelled as loud as he could (that's pretty loud if you think about it) We ran down the hall laughing Niall pulled me around the corner following them. Our next class we met up with Liam and Harry who started laughing at us

"Do you know who you look like?" Harry says chuckling 

"the blue man crew!" Harry says him and Liam laugh Louis sighs 

"do you know what the best part about it is Harry?" Louis asks Harry and Liam stop 

"what?" Harry asked 

"it's smudges!" Louis yells everything stops and realization passes through Harry, he turns around and makes a beeline down the hall. 

We walk towards Liam wanting to get to our next class I had Math next and that was with Liam and Zayn. Liam pinches my cheeks 

"blues your color" he says 

"want some?" I asked putting up my hand 

'No I'm good" He says chuckling 

"Ok" I said he smiled we walk into the math room and everyone stares at me and Zayn. I sit down Liam plops down in his middle seat

"Do you have any bruises or anything from yesterday?" He asked 

"No well I had this massive headache and a bump on my head but it's gone now." I said 

"I feel really bad about that..." Liam says 

"why? It's not like it was your fault." I said opening my notebook 

"I know it was Louis' fault, but if I haven't let him drag you out onto that soccer field then you wouldn't have gotten hurt." He says 

"Liam, I'm fine really it's ok" I said 

"no Kelsey it's not I-" I cut him off 

"I'm ok. I'm alive. We're still friends ok?" 

-Louis' POV- 

I was hot on Harry's heels as we ran down the hall. 

He did the un thinkable. He ran down the stairs and threw the door to the gym open running threw the class he jumped over a girl doing a bridge 

"sorry!" He shouts back to her I have to duck to miss a girls high kick 

"watch where your kicking!" I yell back Harry keeps running. But he keeps running threw the gym I drop my binder. It was just dead weight anyways. I break out into a faster sprint. 

I notice the girls starting to realize me and Harry were in their gym class. 

A just grabbed Harry's cardigan yanking him back when a whistle is blown 

"Hey! Tomlinson! Styles!" The gym teacher Mr.Brooks snaps 

"shit" I whisper he walks over to us his class staring at us me and Harry stand side by side. He walks up to us his class staring. 

"What is the meaning of this?" He asked me and Harry start saying a bunch of excuses at the same time 

"enough! I have to as you two..." He pauses looking from me to Harry 

"why are you running into my class?" He asks he points to me 

"and why are you blue?" He asked me 

"Well that's a long one..." I started 

"can't wait to hear this one" Harry says being a smart ass 

"Styles do yourself a favor and shut up" Mr.Brooks says

"Ok but good luck following along Louis has a talent for making things that make sense not make sense." Harry says casually.

"Really funny Styles..." Mr.Brooks says

"Now drop and give me 20!" He yells Harry groans but obeys.

I tell the story and Mr.Brooks laughs at me.

Harry was doing push-ups still when Mr.Brooks tugged him up by the back of his shirt.

"Funny story. entertained me... Now get out of my class." he says I tug Harry out of the gym.

We walk up to the Geography room Niall brightens when he sees his fellow Blue Man.


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