Life (One Direction not famous)

There's a girl named Alice whom stuck between two boys. There's a boy whom had a crush on her and he is her bestfriend. One day, she accidentally struck a boy on her way to her locker. Since that day, Alice got crush on him. But what about the boy whom had a crush and her? Would she choose the boy whom had a crush on her or that boy whom she accidentally struck with?


13. guilty as hell

Niall P.O.V

im driving to nowhere. i know this such a tiny little shit that no one would give a damn, but to me its everything. shes my everything. harry's not good for her. he's a player. i knew him. he invited Alice to come over to his house like wth what if something happened to Alice? no negative thought Niall.

'i should have follow her to his house' i mumble.
'why am i even driving to nowhere now. im mad' i sigh.

should i drive back? should i follow her? but what if she think im a creeper? a stalker? one thing i know bout her is, she hate stalker. sigh what im going to do..... i keep thinking should i go back. lost in my thoughts. till i didnt realise theres a truck infront me and BAM.

Alice P.O.V

im walking to harry's house with my iPod on. im listening to mirror by justin timberlake. i can tell that im such a huge fan of him. such a great song. harry's house not far from mine actually. his was like 20 minutes away from mine, so i decided to walk instead of driving. its an exercise tho.

"ah there he is" i saw him waving infront of his house. with a wide smile. his dimples were showing aw.....

'hey alice" he give me a smile and hug.
"hey" i replied and give him a smile back and hug him. his hug was warm.
"so whats our plan?" i asked him.
"how bout some movies? i dont know" he sigh
"so why would you asked me to come over?" i punched him.
"i-i just bored. no ones home so i thought you can accompany me?" he giggles and rub his shoulder as i punched his shoulder just now. i just giggles.
"ok we'll watch movie" i smile. he smile back. we start walking into his house. it such a huge house.

theres a huge screen tv, sofas, huge radio and etc. i sat on the sofa. checking out the huge house. "wow this such a huge house" i said to him.
"what its not wait i'll get the snacks and popcorn." he giggles. i wait patiently there.
"here it is" he came with some popcorn and snacks and sit beside me. he place the popcorn on a small table beside the sofa. then he walk towards his dvd player with stack of movies dvd in his hand. "so what movie should we watch?" he asked. "what movie you got there?" "titanic, pursuit of happiness, the notebook and friends with benefits" he smile. "lets just watch friends with benefits." i smile. he sit back on his place which is besides me. we watch it quietly. and of course comment bout it a little but mostly we're just watch it quietly. ah shit the sex scene were showing, what am i going to do. this is very awkward. oh god. i can feel that harry's looking at me. what am i going to do. "youre blushing" he giggles. "i dont" sure i said it with my red cheeks. i swear its red as tomato. "dont lie to me" he came closely to me. "what are you going to do" i said nervously. i dont know should i being afraid of just let he in. "dont move babe" damn he lean closer. and closer. our skin touched. he caressed my cheek. i can feel his breath damn. he lean in, he lean in. our nose touched. we ki- suddenly my phone's buzz. "1 text message from Niall's mum" ah what a spoil. "its ok, open it" harry said and smile. i smile back. i opened it. it says..... "alice are you there? niall is in hospital. he just got in an accident, hopefully youll be here right now! i dont know what to do sigh" "WHAT" i screamed. "whats wrong al?" harry asked. i can feel the tears are coming. "ni-niall" i said with a husky voice "whats wrong with niall?" he said in shock. "hes in the hospital. he just got in an accident. i-i can you-" i stop. i can barely hold this tears. "can you drive me to the hospital?" i continue. tears streaming down my face, "of course, we should go now." he wipe my tears. "dont cry. he'll be ok" he forcefully smile to comfort me. i appreciate it but i cant, i have to cry. this is hurt. if i accompany him to go to mcdonalds, he probably wouldnt got in an accident. im a bad friend, fuck this. "come on we should go now" he grab my hand and we walk to his car.... WOULD NIALL BE OKAY?

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