Life (One Direction not famous)

There's a girl named Alice whom stuck between two boys. There's a boy whom had a crush on her and he is her bestfriend. One day, she accidentally struck a boy on her way to her locker. Since that day, Alice got crush on him. But what about the boy whom had a crush and her? Would she choose the boy whom had a crush on her or that boy whom she accidentally struck with?


8. Chapter 8

Tomorrow morning
Alice P.O.V

As I take my shower, I'm rushingly go downstairs to take my breakfast. I saw my mom make a pancakes there. 

"Hey mom." I give my mom a smile.
"Hey sweetie." She smiles back.
"Mom I got something to tell you. Niall will pick me up today."
"Oh great. So my beloved daughter will not going to walks again after this." my mom giggle.
"Awh mom I said today. It's only today but who knows he will pick me up everyday nah idk" I giggle
"whatever darl now eat your pancakes" I giggle and eat all those pancakes that made by mom. Suddenly, the door bell rings.

"Oh mum there he is. gotta go bye love you mom" "bye darl" we both give a smile

Niall P.O.V

"hey" I give a smile as she entered my car.
"hey morning" she smiles.
"you're good?"
"Im fine. Now start the car and drive or we will be late" I giggle and I start the car and drives to school. She open up the radio and tune in to her favourite radio station. I couldnt help but smile. She's too cute to handle. I can feel my cheeks was all red.

"why are you blushing?" she asked
"tell me or"
"or what?"
"or I'm not gonna talk to you for this whole week" omg I cant do that. I need to talk to her whatever happens.
"nah um ok well you look so pretty today. Yea right, you're pretty all the time but today you are wonderful"
"Oh it's just because of that you are blushing? you're so funny" she laughs
"What? I tell the truth. heh"
"naw whatever but thankyou so much. you look charming as always today" she smiles and I smile back.

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