Life (One Direction not famous)

There's a girl named Alice whom stuck between two boys. There's a boy whom had a crush on her and he is her bestfriend. One day, she accidentally struck a boy on her way to her locker. Since that day, Alice got crush on him. But what about the boy whom had a crush and her? Would she choose the boy whom had a crush on her or that boy whom she accidentally struck with?


7. Chapter 7

At night
Alice PO.V
I'm laying in bed after I take my shower. I grab my iPod and tune to "shooting star" by Owl City. I love that song so much. It really inspires me. Suddenly my phone's vibrates. 

You got 1 text message from Niall

"Hey Alice. Can I drive you to school tomorrow?"
I'm shocked. Yeah right, he is my bestfriend but he never ever do that before. And he sounds so serious.
"Um but why? You never ever do that before? :\" I'm curious.
"Um is it wrong to drive our bestfriend to school? :(" I smile.
"Well not but yea you know, it's so weird for you to do that because you never ever do that before"
"I know but I'm suddenly feels like wanna drive you tomorrow. So what is the final answer? Yes or no? Please answer yes :("
"Um ok then yes, you may drive me tomorrow but make sure you're not late!"

wtf is he thinking? he'd called me fluffy and trying to drive me tomorrow. he is so damn weird tonight heh

Niall P.O.V
I admit that I'm actually so weird tonight but who cares? I just wanna drive my bestfriend to school. That's all. I just wanna make sure she's safe although I know she will be safe as she walked to school everyday and no injured or bad news until today. I suddenly lost in my thoughts and end up asleep.

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