Life (One Direction not famous)

There's a girl named Alice whom stuck between two boys. There's a boy whom had a crush on her and he is her bestfriend. One day, she accidentally struck a boy on her way to her locker. Since that day, Alice got crush on him. But what about the boy whom had a crush and her? Would she choose the boy whom had a crush on her or that boy whom she accidentally struck with?


4. Chapter 4

Alice P.O.V
I'm heading to my English class. I'd meet some of my friends there and I hug them.

"Hey Alice! Nice to meet you again!" said by one of my friend named Elina.
"Well, it's nice to meet you guys too! I miss you guys." 
"But I bet, you're not miss us the way you miss YOUR Nialleeer." she smirk.
"Oh guys stop he's only my bestfriend duh." I stick my tongue out and point to her. 

I then choose to sit behind Elina. Well, she is like my sister. She's my bestfriend too, besides Niall. Soon, my not-so-old English teacher come out with her books on her hand wearing his old same outfit. We then studying.

-2 hours later-

"gosh my butt hurts" I mumble. you knows it when you're sit for such a long time. "Ah it's break time, gotta find him" I hurriedly walk towards the cafeteria. I'd saw him sat at one of a table we used to sit together. I slowly walks towards him.

"Bam guess who?" I grin.
"Um my beautiful bestfriend ever named Alice?"
"Ow you're so brilliant." I giggle. He smiles. "Have you eat anything?" He ask. "Um well not since I'd take my breakfast this morning" "Do you want me to treat you today?" He smile. "Um sure but are you fine with it?" "Of course I am" He grin. He then walks towards the counter.

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