Life (One Direction not famous)

There's a girl named Alice whom stuck between two boys. There's a boy whom had a crush on her and he is her bestfriend. One day, she accidentally struck a boy on her way to her locker. Since that day, Alice got crush on him. But what about the boy whom had a crush and her? Would she choose the boy whom had a crush on her or that boy whom she accidentally struck with?


2. Chapter 2

Alice P.O.V
"Alice wake up or you'll be late for school!" "Yes mom!!" I wake up with a sleepy faces yet still yawning. I then head to the bathroom which is located at one of my room edge. I take my shower as fast as I could. I then rushingly go to my closet, put some make-up on (but not too thick cuz I hate make-up), paint my nails and make my hair as buns. I then go to kitchen for breakfast

"Morning Alice my dearest daughter :)"
"Morning mom" I kiss my mom's cheek. I grab some toast and put some nutella on. Suddenly, my phone's vibrate;

You got 1 text message from Niall

"Hey babe! How's your morning? Couldn't wait to see you!"
I then reply "It's good. I'm taking my breakfast now. Me can't wait either! x"

My mom whisper "So it's your beloved boyf Niall?" while do an evil smile "Oh mom, he is just my bestfriend pls stop" I grin
"Well, I gotta go for school now. Bye ma" I kiss my mom on her cheek "Bye lovely"

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