Life (One Direction not famous)

There's a girl named Alice whom stuck between two boys. There's a boy whom had a crush on her and he is her bestfriend. One day, she accidentally struck a boy on her way to her locker. Since that day, Alice got crush on him. But what about the boy whom had a crush and her? Would she choose the boy whom had a crush on her or that boy whom she accidentally struck with?


1. Chapter 1

Alice P.O.V
It's midnight and I couldn't sleep. School will start tomorrow tho. Suddenly, I thought bout my bestfriend Niall. He's not just my bestfriend. He's completely like my boyfriend but no, we're only bestfriend. I think I wanna text him. 

"You asleep? If you are, I'm sorry for bothering you but I couldnt sleep and I suddenly thought bout you :("
"Nope. I couldn't sleep either. Awh really? We're gonna meet tomorrow at school ok? :)"
"I'm glad you replied me! Yea, we're gonna meet! I miss you!"
"I miss you too! Well, I think we're gonna sleep now or else we're gonna be late for school tomorrow. Good night!"
"Awh :( ok then... good night too xx"

Nah, I lock my iPhone screen and asleep...

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