So...There's This Thing...

It's about 1D and, basically, a great adventure to add to my lifetime!!!


1. A Sliver of a Chance

Ok, so here's the thing.

Hot 99.5 is holding a contest for basically all One Direction fans everywhere for a chance to win two front row tickets to their concert in June in Washington, D.C. (6/23) AND two pre-show passes to take a picture (or two or three) with the boys and meet them etc., etc.
NOW, the reason I entered is this: these boys are amazing! They're role models for boys much younger than them to those who hold seniority over them by several years. They are caring, thoughtful, honest (to themselves and others), good, loving boys who should be told (if they aren't told enough by their mommas and daddys) "you are something special, and I am proud of you". And that's why I want to win, I want to tell them this in person and give them each a hug for all their goodness. Trust, It would be an honor.

Also, if I win, I'd really only want a pre-show pass (I'm not very good with loud noises, dark, crowded places, and flashing lights...*shudders* that's just a recipe for disaster in my book) so, honestly, I'd give the front row tickets away. No gimmicks, no strings attached. I'd honestly give the concert tickets away for reasons listed previously. Now, of course, I would not give the pre-show passes away, BUT I'd definitely try everything I could to get the lucky girls to whom I gave away my tickets, pictures with the boys. 
So...yeah! Please, please, PLEASE follow the link below, and (by doing simply that) vote for me! It's really easy! Just click on the link below and BOOM! You voted for me! Do it as many times as you can (or, as you like I suppose) to get me--and those two other girls I'd give my tickets to--tickets and pictures and pre-show passes!! >.< 
Thank you oh so much, it really means the world to me. 


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