ME and YOU

I smiled at his smile. He hugged me tight. "Forever" I said "Just me an you". He smiled.


2. That moment

The next day I could here my name in whispers. People saying my name then joey's name. I walked up to Alexis. "What is everyone talking about?" I asked. "Umm just about you and little boy" she said. "Who's little boy?" I asked confused. "Joey!" she said. "What! They know?!" I asked upset. "Yup" he said as she laughed a little. "How? Wait! Does...Joey know?" I asked lowering my voice and making it soft. She didn't say a word. She just gave me a weird look then turned around. "Alexis!" I said. "Kinda" she said. "What?!" I said. "Does he even know who I am?" I asked trying to calm down. "No. He just knows some girl named Angie likes him" she said trying to seem like it was a good thing. Then I saw some guy pointing to me to Joey. He smiled. "I think now he knows!" I said. I hid behind Alexis. Which wasn't really smart bar cause Alexis is known as short girl. And I was pretty tall. I ran in the restroom. Alexis followed me. "Don't be so worried" she said like it was no big deal. "I can't believe you told people!" I said. I was so busy thinking about the embarrassment that I forgot all about who caused it. Alexis! "Just go say hi" she said checking her nails. "Later" I said as I took a quick look in the mirror. I added another coat of lip gloss. "Let's go" she said as he took my arm and pulled me out of the restroom. We walked to our first class. The bell rang loud in our ears. "First class Mr. Jackson" she said. We walked in. I sat down right next to Mona. She was do I put this...conceded. Every five seconds she looks in the mirror. She changes her hairstyle during every class! It's weird how no teachers mind. She looked at me. She rolled her eyes. I had no idea why she hated me. I only talked to her once or twice. And one of those was to say Goodmorning. She chewed gum. Even though of course your not allowed to. I think her dad own the school's property or something. But I heard that she threatens the teachers by her daddy. But they could be just rumors. She turned to me. "So I heard you like Joey" she said. "From where?" I asked pretending like I didn't already know everyone knew. "From Katlyn" she said. She turned her head again. I didn't say a word. I just pulled my binder out. She didn't talk to me for the rest of the class. But before we left I said "Bye". But she just looke at me and kept walking. Alexis walked up to me. "So do you have a date?" Jade asked me as she came up from behind me. "A date for what?" I asked. "Prom" she said. "" I said looking down at my shoes. "Oh" she said awkwardly then walked away. "Wow awkward!" Alexis said. I laughed a little. "Let's go" I said. We walked out. We walked down the halls. "Do you has the paper we were suppose to write for biology?" Alexis asked. I looked at the stack in my hand. I searched in between my text books to find it. Then BUMP! I almost fell. Someone had ran into me. "I'm so sorry" I started to say. Then I looked to see it was...Joey. "Sorry" he said. "It's okay" I said in this girly voice. The girly voice just came out! I couldn't control it! I saw his beautiful blue green eyes! "Wow that wouldve been embarrassing if you fell" Alexis said. "Why didn't uou tell me I was going to run into him!" I said kinda giggling. " guys wouldn't have had that moment" she said smiling. "Ya I guess it was pretty great!" I said as I shrugged my shoulders. "Your welcome!" she said. I giggled as I headed for my next period.
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