ME and YOU

I smiled at his smile. He hugged me tight. "Forever" I said "Just me an you". He smiled.


3. Text Me

Finally my last period was over! I walked out of the classroom. I smiled in relief. Then Nic ran up to me. "Hey Angie!" he said. "Hey Nic?" I said confused of why he rushed to me. "Sooo..I kinda heard you like umm..Joey" he said. "Yup" I said used to it already. "You know he has a phone!" she said as if it wasn't obvious! We all had phones. "okay?" I said. "Sooo..." he said as he nugged me a little. "Sooo.." I said nugged him back in sarcasm. "Do you want me to ask him for his number for you" he said. "okay but just don't tell him it's for me" I said as I walked away. I walked home. I opened my door. I walked to my room. I sat on my bed. I had a pile of homework in my backpack.That was all due tomorrow. But I didn't even open my backpack. I didn't even look at it. I just looked at my phone. I just stared at it. I thought of the possible phone numbers Joey could have. I layed down. Then I just turned over and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up late! I got ready fast. I ran out. I ran to school. I made it just on time! "Why so late?" Alexis asked me as we walked to first period. "Woke up late" I said. I walked in a sat down. After last period I was ready to RUN home! I walked. Then Nic came up to me. "Hey Nic" I said as I turned. "" he said as he handed me a paper. I opened it. It had a phone number written on it. "What's this?" I asked. "Joey's number" he said. "Oh my gosh! Wait! What did you tell him when he gave it to you?" I asked as I put it in my pocket. "I told him you wanted it" he said. "What! I told you not to do that" I said upset. "Wait! And he gave it to you? I'd you have to beg or something?" I asked as my anger went away. "No I just told that and he said okay then wrote it down an handed it to me" he said calm. "okay thanks Nic" I said. "Bye! See you tomorrow" he said as I started to walk away. "Bye" I said as I waved. I walked to my house. I looked at his number. I layed it on my be and just looked at it. I grabbed my phone and adde his number to my contacts. I put it under Joey. Then I texted him. "Hey:)" I texted. About a minuete later he text back saying "Who is this?". "Angie" I responded. "Oh hi:)" he said. I smiled. After about four more text he told me to call him. So I did just that. We talked for a while. It was cool. I liked talking to him. He was really sweet. Every time I text him I put a smiley face afterwards. And he did the same. I was so Happy I could finally talk to him.
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