ME and YOU

I smiled at his smile. He hugged me tight. "Forever" I said "Just me an you". He smiled.


1. Joey

I sat down and watched the kids run. "Good thing we volunteered so we don't have to run" Alexis said. "Ya I guess" I said. I watched the kids leave. The next class was walking in. "What grade is this?" I asked. "Oh this is just the people a grade lower than us" Alexis said as he looked at the clip board. "Oh" I said. They ran. As they passed by I just looked at them. I got bored so I took out my phone. "What are you doing?" Alexis said. "I'm bored" I moaned as she snatched it out of my hand. Then I saw this guy. He was running. While he ran his hair was pushed back. You could see his big beautiful blue green eyes shine in the light. I smiled. "Angie! Angie!" Alexis said waving her had in my face. "Huh" I said. "Who are you staring at?" she asked looking around and the people running. "Umm no one" I said. "Ya it was someone!" she said still looking around. "Fine! Him" I said as I pointed to him. "Joey?" she asked. "Ya I guess I don't know his name" I said still looking at him. "But he's younger than you!" she said sounding kinda grossed out. "Just a year" I said. I wasn't really paying attention to anything other than him. "Do you want me to ask him out or you?" she said as she stood up ready to walk over there. "No! Are you crazy?!" I said. "No" she said. She sat back down. "You know his dad owns a company right" she said sounding bored. "Yup" I said not really paying any attention to what she was saying. "Hey Joey!" she screamed as he ran near us. I got up and ran to the restroom to hide. I can't believe she called him over there! After about twenty minutes I peeked out. He was gone. I ran back. "What did you tell him?" I aske acres to hear the answer. "Nothing just if he's single" she said trying to say it casual. "Did he suspect something?" I asked. "Nope" she said. "But he will when he knows that you like him. "No he's not going to know!" I said. "Promice you won't tell him!" I said pleading. "But.." she tried to say. "Promice!" I inturrupted. "Okay! Fine! Promice!" she said. "Thank you!" I said in relief.
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