: The Ghost Boy

Jayda is a 13 year old who just moved into an old house in great shape with her pregnant mom and 3 younger sisters and stepdad. From night one something seems off. She has strange dreams, things are being moved out of place by themselves, and more. She doesnt know what to do or if she should tell... Whos doing this to her..?? Or what is.....


1. New House


Heyyy everyone! This is my neewset story! i hope your ready to expericence the fun, adventure, thrills, and many other things in the story. its full of twists. dont be fooled, anyways i hope u guys love it!! make my reads go up plzzz!! go read my other story too.




"Where does this staircase end?"  I said to myself. When i had found the hidden stairs I thought I could see the end. They had been hidden under my room. I had moved a china cabinet by myself. There was a small door shape under the wall paper. I pulled away that section off. The door unlocked so I went in. The staircase looked like one from a story, one that would lead to a castle dungeon. The walls and stairs were stone, they were cold and grey. I finally reached the end of the stairs, but I tripped over something going down the last step. I looked to see what I tripped over, but nothing as there. "Thats weird..." I said, my arm is bleeding a little, but I was fine. I walked up to a door. Thats all there was . Just a black door with a gold doorknob. I walked through the door.. There was nothing but a very small room with a note pinned to the wall straight ahead of the door. I stepped closer to the note to read it.  It read "Your mine now!" I got scared and turned to leave, but the door slammed shut. T started screaming and crying and panicking. I banged on the door as hard as I could. "NO, NO!!! LET ME OUT PLEASE!!!!!" I yelled as loud as I could. A figure walked through the door, it was a man... But it wasn't... He was bleedign from his left arm and he was limping. His right ankle wore heavy chains that rattled terribly loud. He was wearing rags, toorn and ripped all over. Soaked in blood from his wounds. A rope hung from his neck. His eyes were so deep brown they were almost red. He looked so old, his head on top was bald, but the sides had white stragley hair. He was very white, all over. He had so many cuts and bruises, I could only look in terror as he came closer... and closer... and closer...


Hope u liked it!! ill try to update soon! like comment favorite, whatever u can do!! xx

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