Kiss me.

Narry fic. Kat+Hazz, Livi+Nialler. Sad story JSYN, triggering. [maybe,] if your like 8, then don't read this. Swearing [no not sexual] but involves self harm.


2. Get out of this house

Niall's P.O.V.
*earlier that day*
"Harry! We told you not to o public with that girl! Niall is supposed to have a girlfriend before you!" The rest of us, (the boys, and the extra management team) watched as the boss man for modest yelled at Harry, for going public with his girlfriend, Katie, or Kat.
"It was gonna happen eventually! Why does it even matter?!" Harry shouted back.
"You know what, just leave. Everyone out! I will speak with you privately, Styles." 
Everyone started clearing out. It had been a long day in the studio, then we had to go to this meeting. As I got to my car, I saw someone moving back and forth on the roof. I determined it was a girl, from the body shape, and the ponytail. Then I saw her getting up on the ledge.
I ran into the building, avoiding the rom with Harry and modest inside. I took the elevator up then took the stairs to the roof.
When I got there I saw a ponytail, with a few electric blue highlights. She had taken a step, I ran up and grabbed her. 
She started flailing around, asking questions. I let her go, she turned around. 
She was beautiful. She had a mess of side bangs almost covering her right eye. It was obvious that she was asian, but only if you really studied her face. She had dark hair, and eyes. She was about 3or4 inches shorter than me. She was absolutely beautiful. She reminded me faintly of Zayn, same facial features, hair color. They could be siblings.
I talked to her, asked her why she was trying to kill herself. She looked like she was about to cry, so I hugged her. 
"I have no where to go, no one to go too," she looked genuinely sad. I couldn't leave her, and I knew I was slowly falling for her. 
"Come with me." 
She was freezing, I could tell. She only had a tank on, I took off my hoodie and put it on her. It was huge. 

We went to Starbucks, she pulled up 
her sleeves, to reveal hundreds of bracelets. I couldn't help but wonder, why?
She warmed her hands around the caramel macchiato.
"So where exactly is this going?" 
"You say you have nowhere to go, what does that mean really?"
"My brothers kicking me out, it's not even his house though."
"You live with your brother? "
"It's a long story,"
"Tell me."
"Umm, my parents married young, the divorced when I was about 3, then my mom went from a substance abuse counselor, to a drug attic. She died of drug OD. Me and my brother lived with my dad for a while, then he got remarried, and ditched us. We were living here, so my dad just bought us a house, and a car, then left. He stopped paying child support last May.  My brother is an alcoholic. He screamed at me to get out a few days ago. I'm work at the music shop downtown." Wow. She's so strong, to go through all of that. 
"The music shop? So you play something?"
"Acoustic guitar, I don't have my own, but I still teach guitar and singing." Omigod she's perf. Did I just say perf? What is this life.

Olivia's P.O.V.

I have no idea where this is going. Actually, ill probably leave, and then go back home. Where my brother is probably pissed, and I learned young [14] my brother is a violent drunk. 
His friends will also probably be there. If I enter through the front door ill probably be raped, or beaten again. 
My brother actually was always kind of mean, pushy. But when he's sober it's a lot better. The constant hangovers don't make his personality quite stunning either. 
But apparently Niall, was bent on helping me with whatever. So when I told him I had to leave, 
"Wait where are you going?"
"I've got a job sweetie, and due to the fact that you kept me from dying today, I'm late." Truth was I had the day off. But I'm not going to get attached to people who will forget me.  
"But, um. I want to see you again." He kind of stuttered. This is just adorable. He handed me his phone, I entered my number. 
My dad used to spoil us, so we wouldn't tell the government about this, because then he'd be stuck with us again. 


When I arrived home, I could hear that my brother was in fact, piss drunk, and that he did have friends over. 
I instead, climbed up a tree, closest to the attic window. I inched as close as I could without breaking a branch, and then jumped, successfully onto the roof, and crawled through the window. I lived in the attic bedroom.
My room was how I had left it this morning. A bit messy, but I still knew where everything was. I had my own bathroom, but I had to take a few stairs down to it. It wasn't on the second floor, or in the attic, it was kinda inbetween.
After I took a shower, I still heard people downstairs. 
I realized I hadn't eaten at all today, besides the Starbucks, and that wasn't even food. It was either I risk going downstairs, or starving. 
I was going to have to go downstairs eventually, so why not when they were all distracted with each other? 
I snuck downstairs, and saw about 5people in the living room. Also many empty bottles, and glasses. 
I instead of going through, took the hallway that led to the kitchen. 
"Who's therr?" My brother stuttered, stumbling up from the couch.
I froze, then started again, my tread lighter than ever. 
I continued into the kitchen, taking a can of microwave soup, before taking a sharp breath. Standing in the doorframe was my furious drunk brother. 
"Wh-what the hell do you think your d-d doing?" 
"Getting food." My voice small.
"I told you to get out!" 
"This isn't just your house!"
"Shut the fuck up! It isn't yours!"
"You didn't even buy this food!" I did.
He just walked over, I took a step back. 
"Come her you little slut!" I backed into the counter, sending pain into my back. 
He lunged towards me, kicking me in the stomach. I bent over, when he punched me straight in the face, I held my right cheek. 
I ran upstairs, into the bathroom, locking it. 
My phone rang,
"So kiss me like you wanna be loved, like you wanna be loved, wanna be loved, this feels like fallin-" 

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