ill never forget the ones that i love

I wont ever forget you when i move away until something happens read on to find out what or who gets in her way


1. i wont forget you

ISABELLS P.O.V I live with my mom and my mom got all crazy after a concert. She brought spme guy home with her.she was mad at me because of the dishes. She got so mad she kicked me out .i ran up stairs packed up my stuff and went to my best friend trinas house i told her the story she said i could stay there but i didnt really want to.i walked straight out the feont door and ran to a playground i went and sat on the swings.someone came up behind me and asked me if i was alright -A/Ni wonder who this person is? So guys im not sure if i should keep writing or not tell me if u like it. By the way its my first time (contest!!)i need mkre parts all g.f.s except 1guy and a stylist i will use ur name if u want and ur personality (to enter) send ideas for later on in movella /bad speller sorry anyways best 6 are able to be in story i will anounce winners in chapter 2-5 thanks guys
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