$1 Another Chance

What happens when everything you loved gets taken away in a blink of an eye? Do you think you can handle moving on and leaving the pass? It becomes a nightmare for one of the boys in a band called One Direction. Until one day in the breeze of a meadow there she was standing asking me "Are you okay?" .


1. Everything Change

Harry's POV : It was a normal day for me and the boys. Louis was at Eleanor's , Zayn , Niall and Liam said they were going shopping and I was at my flat waiting for my beautiful girlfriend Violet. I was really anxious to see her because she might be pregnant. I could be a dad ! *knock* *knock* I sprinted up to get the door I saw and greeted her "Hello love ! How was your day?"
"Great Hun. I got the results."
"You're gunna be a dad!"
I grabbed her and kissed her. "You've just made me a real happy man." I kissed her forehead and said "You want to go get some food."
"Sure babe, just make sure to bring a coat it's raining cats and dogs outside!"
I went to my room grabbed my keys and a coat then out the door. I was driving and I kept getting lost in her beautiful blue eyes, her brown curls falling down perfectly, I could almost imagine how are baby looked like. "Who's eyes do you think he or she will get?"
"If we're real lucky, yours."
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