Airplane boys +5

Blurb: traveling Europe for a month and half with your four best friends and seeing a One Direction concert is good as it is. Meeting them in the airport and sitting its them that's a whole nother leave of amazing and pure luck! :)


11. What to do after?


As we landing a 9 hour flight from England to Nebraska the most boring and falt place anybody could ever go to. We all were getting up from our seats and awaking from sleeping or finishing the conversations with the stranger next to you who probably by now is like your best friend and knows your life's story, and maybe even exchanging numbers to stay in touch. 

Stella's P.O.V

Harry and I after talking endlessly to each other, some where in the 9 hours we or most likely I fell asleep on his shoulder durning the movie. So when Harry heard lady's and gentlemen our plane will be landing in 10 minutes, Harry ooh that boy Harry, the beautiful talented charming Harry whispered in my ear "beautiful it's time to get up" I gladly opened my eyes to that wake up call. 

I looked up in his green orbs and smiled "hello" I sleepily said.

Harry- "I didn't want to not say goodbye to you after getting to know you and having the greatest time ,love" 

Me- I've had the greatest time also Harry I defiantly hope were on the same flight, I feel like I have know you now for years not hours."

Harry- yes defiantly how I feel! Could I maybe get your number? :)

I say yes as you all were guessing but there defiantly is something special about Harry but not the fame part to me so,etching different tugging at my heart... :) 

as I give him one lays goodbye hug we exit the plane trying to locate our crews.


A/N: this is happening at the same time in the different characters P.O.V's later in the story or like next chapter the times will collide. I really want to get tall the goodie goodie good stuff so ya know all the rest of the girls get up hug and exchange numbers while definaly none stop flirting! ;) wink wink 

Btw I love you guys and keep up the reads and comments! :) LOVE YOU!! Xxoo





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