Airplane boys +5

Blurb: traveling Europe for a month and half with your four best friends and seeing a One Direction concert is good as it is. Meeting them in the airport and sitting its them that's a whole nother leave of amazing and pure luck! :)


13. night time fun! no not dirty

(the same night) 

Stella's P.O.V:

late late that night when everybody was sleeping i couldnt sleep and I had a great idea. and i was soo crazy for harry it was probably starting to effect me. i couldn't sleep, this was really weird i always sleep no matter what! well also i was on the special time of month and a emotional roller coaster. i made up my mind and with a warm wake up call, threw pillow and jumped on everybody and yelled "WAKE UP WERE GOING TO HAVE FUN!!" everybody moaned and groaned and slowly woke as up as they could at 3 in the morning. as they looked at me with strong hatered on there faces i was not offended i just wanted to have fun :) what can i say im a very weird strange lady!! 

stella- okay so why i woke you up you party poopers, we are going to have a piggy back ride race! so if we get into teams and race. so the losers have to do everybodys laundry and be there slave for the week and half left. 

i said with a smile! everybody looked actully surprisingly excited and like it seemed fun! and there was Harry sitting and smirking at me! ahh Harry this boy is driving me crazy!

Harry- yea sounds fun! i call Stella and i are a team!!

Stella- yea Harry lets do this!

Louis- yo Pilli lets kick some butt what ya say!!??

Pilar- lets kick butt! 

Zayn and Ella looking shyly at each other

Ella finally said- so um do you want to be a team?

zayn i thought you would never ask! ;) 

Liam anad Hannah were sitting there. everbody got the same idea and we all grinned we pushed them together.

Daniella was asleep on Nialls lap and niall was falling asleep on her shoulder. we all sighed.

As we made it out to the giant strecth of grass. we made a line and us girls knowing each other we all were a bit nervous getting on there back we all were caoutios and insecure about our weight. we as we tryed to be as light as we could. the boys took a hint and just picked us up like we were lighter then air its self. we all sighed with a relef. i looked up and into Harrys eyes, deep into those beautiful orbs, as all the other times i went weak and like butter. i wasnt sure why i just felt right and safe in Harrys arms, like i was meant to be there. i saw ella clutching on to Zayn, Zayn was happy with this and they looked so perfect, Ella was happy too, very! Louis and Pilar were talking stragity but as they did this their eyes were so full of pasion and care for each other. Daniella and Niall we sitting and practically sleeping on each other, Daniella was in Nialls lap they both slept with smiles on their faces. Liam and Hannah started to talk, just small talk but this went a long way for them, they were definatly enjoying each other. As we all got ready and lined up, I counted 

me- 1, 2, 3 GOOOO!!

A Harry and I ran as fast as we could! I was pretty sure we were in the lead but then I saw Hannah and Liam run past us! Omg I started to say to Harry to hurry but it was useless they were so far ahead. Well at least there might be romance with them so I was happy for them. :) as Harry and I fell to the ground and I landed on top of him. We just laid their and stared into each others eye it was as if nobody was their except us we were lost in our own world. Then Louis comes and banded down and says in our faces 

louis- hey love birds the race is over Liam and Hannah won. 

Oh uh umm I quickly and very awkwardly got off of Harry. Yea I was good for the night! 

As Niall carried the asleep Daniella up stair to his bed bridal style, believe me nothing was going to happen sexually they were both half asleep, but Daniella will wake up to a definite surprise! I fell asleep with Harry :) we just laid there again and slept in each other arms feeling safe and sound.

Ella and Zayn we talking on the couch and with Pilar and Louis on the bed talking to them also. 

Liam and Hannah were talking in the other bed in the corner, eventually they fall asleep in each other arms. :) ooh yes there love was blossoming!! 

They all had sweet sweet dreams! :)

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