Airplane boys +5

Blurb: traveling Europe for a month and half with your four best friends and seeing a One Direction concert is good as it is. Meeting them in the airport and sitting its them that's a whole nother leave of amazing and pure luck! :)


12. Hotel, hotel, hotel


As us "sexy beast" (we had just gotten off a 9 hour flight you can imagine how we looked) walked in the hotel trying so hard not to fall to the ground with exhaustion. A Hannah checked in and got our room key, we slowly made our way the elevators and to our floor. When we opened the door o our room we all polled in and crashed on a bed, all of us crawling in bed and falling asleep.


2 hours later-

We were woken up by the racket of loud blasting music. We all gave out a  a huge groan! We all got our lazy asses and we reached for the door ass we knocked our heads on the next door neighbors door of the hotel. When the people opened the door each of us recognized a boy and a boy of you dreams, a boy of the biggest boy band ever, and a boy who we all sat with on a 9 hours flight. And now they were our hotel neighbors!  

W all stare at them with our mouths wide open! Then yell a bit and then laughed and ran to our boys, with big smiles! With warm cheerful arms open we all tried to get the story straight on why the of all people were here of all places. And Liam and Hannah are standing there. All of us got a grin on our faces and had a idea. We all went out side and talked over it 

Stella- ok I'm pretty sure that we now know what our jobs is! 

Lious- get Hannah and Liam together!!!! And I have the perfect idea for them to get to like each other.

after that we all went down to the pool ;) wink wink swim suits ;) wink I think you get the idea ahahah 

pas the girls and guys got in there swim suits. In the girls room Hannah wasn't as sure and said she would feather sit out. W all laughed and dragged her in a bikini and down to the pool.

in the boys room: Liam wanted to stay in the room but the boy would no way in hell let him!! As the sexy beasts got in their trunks very excited to see the girls. They all told each other about there girls and the plane ride. 

Harry- wow boys this isn't a one night thing this girl Stella wow mate she is amazing. She makes me feel so alive and happy! 

Zayn- boys Ella she is just like me a perfect fit a perfect match for me! The further and longer we talked the more I felt closer to her and she just keep make me laugh and smile! 

Niall- Daniella is beyond word and she loves food almost as much as I do! She has those eyes that just make you keep wanting look and fall into them but then her shy side comes and she looks away. She is adorable!

Louis- Pilar and her confidence and how she isn't afraid to do or say what she wants! She is soo funny and really making and beautiful inside and out! 

Liam- I slept on the plane and enjoyed it boys! :) but I saw that girl I think Hannah she was very pretty.

all the boys turn there heads and look at him!! 

Down at the pool: all you can hear and and see is screaming and laughing and talking, and while the boys and girls were checking out each other!! 

As they all we having a blast! And then when Ella  was taking a sip of water when Zayn picked her up and throw her in the pool. :)

we all laughed! And when we were done and went into our hotel rooms and got in our comfy clothes and all huddled in front of the TV. All singing songs in the boys room eating food it couldn't get better. telling hilarious stories and laughing! :) was the best night ever and with loads of romance in the air! Xxoo :)

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