Airplane boys +5

Blurb: traveling Europe for a month and half with your four best friends and seeing a One Direction concert is good as it is. Meeting them in the airport and sitting its them that's a whole nother leave of amazing and pure luck! :)


1. Chapter 1: intro

After not being home for a month and a half traveling Europe, with my 4 best friends, I was homesick. Over the month and a half we were visiting old childhood friends and seeing the spectacular places. After going to Paris, Italy, Germany, Greece, and Spain; that was amazing. I mean all the food, the people, the weather, and the men... Oooh the men! Being the 18 year old crazy girl I am and being a directioner, and along with doing this with 4 girls just like me made it 10 times crazier. We were all mega directioners for life! Loved them!! So when we were in Italy we went to one of the boy's concerts! A real true One Direction!! It was amazing! We cried and screamed! In my life that was the best moment ever. Ahhhhh the sexiness!!! So for our last week we spent it in London .
We were seeing a old friend Joise and the last time I saw her we were 13. She said she had a surprise for us. So when all 5 of us rang the door bell to her ampartment and effing Tom Daley answered the door with his arms wrapped around Joise's waist, we were all surprised, very happily surprised! So we went in and had some tea, caught up and they told us how they met (adorable story). After a while we left and went back to our small, cute motel. We packed and showered, since tomorrow we were leaving for the airport. After like a half hour of talking we actually went to sleep.
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