Five Friends and Five Boys

Friends Veronica, Alyssa, Brianna, Haley, and Maddie are in love with the band One Direction. When they go to the dance at their high school, they didn't know who was going to be there or who knew the famous boyband. Will they fall in love or have major complications along the way to be happy? Read to find out.

**The Alyssa in this story is not realated to the Alyssa in my other story!! I'm writing this story for my friends and I! Thanks!! -Alyssa xx(:**


6. Haley and Harry- Harley





**HALEY'S P.O.V.**  

When I was eating breakfast with my mom, my phone buzzed.

Harry: Hey Haley! I have a surprise for you so do you think I can come over to tell you? 

Haley: Yeah sure! Come in like 15 minutes! I might be in sweat pants so don't mind me if I look like crap (:

Harry: That's impossible! But I'll be over(: 

"Hey mom, Harry is going to be over soon," I told her. 

"Okay! I'll just go upstairs," she replied. She went upstairs while I put my bowl in the sink and then I brushed my hair up, put it in a pony tail, brushed my teeth, and then went back downstairs. 

When I got off of the last step the doorbell rang. I ran to the door and there he stood. Harry with his cheeky smile, curly hair, bright teeth, and his adorable dimples.

"Morning love," he smiled. 

"Hey, come on in," I replied back with a smile. He stepped in my house with his right hand behind his back. 

"Okay I have a surprise for you so close your eyes," he told me. I did what he told me to do and then he told me to open them. In his hands were two concert tickets and backstage passes to a concert. 

"Who are we seeing?" I asked. 

"Who did you tell me you've always wanted to see?" He asked. 

"No way... we're seeing Ed Sheeran?!" I exclaimed. He nodded back and I threw myself into his arms. "THANK YOU SO MUCH HARRY YOU'RE THE BEST!!!" I yelled whislt wrapping my arms around his neck. 

"You're welcome," he chuckled whislt he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"When do we go?" I asked, pulling slightly away to look at his face.

"It starts at 7:00 and it takes about an hour to get to the arena so we'll leave at 5:45," he told me.

"I also bought you this," he said. He pulled out a plastic shopping bag and handed me something. It was a black t-shirt with Ed's logo. 

"Did you get one?" I asked. He nodded and showed me a white t-shirt with the logo on the front. I hugged him once more and then I heard a shriek at the top of the stairs. I looked up and saw my mother who began to run down the stairs. 

"Mom what are you doing?" I asked. 

"I'm so happy for you! I can't believe you're going with Harry and this is what you-" I cut her off.

"Mom..." I trailed off looking at Harry with my eyes.

"Oh sorry! I'm Karen by the way!" She excliamed.

"Hello I'm Harry," he smiled. Oh god his voice was just perfect. Harry feels on the inside. Don't let it show Haley. 

"Well I'm going to go back upstairs. Nice meeting you Harry," she smiled at him. She quickly went up the stairs.

"Just ignore her," I blushed. 

"Oh don't worry my mom would've done the same exact thing," he laughed and so did I. 

"Are you hungry?" I asked.

"A little," he replied with a smile. I grabbed his hand and guided him to the kitchen. 

"What do you feel like? We have cereal, muffins from this morning, dougnuts, tea, coffee," I suggested. 

"I'll have a muffin and some tea please," he replied. I grabbed the muffin, a tea K-Cup for the Kierge, and a muffin for myself. When his tea was ready, I got the milk and sugar out and he did it himself then we both went to the table and took a seat. 

"So how close are we?" I asked whilst chewing on my muffin. 

"Front row, right in the center," he replied with a cheeky smile. I leaned over and kissed his cheek because of my excitement. 

"Well it's noon so what do you want to do?" I casually asked. 

"Wanna watch a movie? By the time it's over you'll have to get ready," he replied. 

"Okay, we can watch Pitch Perfect if you want," 

"That's cool," he smiled. We walked into my family room and I set up the movie and then walked over to the couch where he pulled my closer.   




"I have to go get ready so I'll see ya later Haley," he smiled and kissed my cheek. 

"See ya at 5:45," I smiled back with a slight blush on my cheek. He walked out my door and then I ran up my stairs to get ready. I decided to text the girls in our group message.  



Veronica: WHAT ALYSSA SAID!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! xx


Brianna: TAKE THE WHEEL!!!!!!!



They all said good bye and then I decided to get ready. I put the shirt Harry gave me on, a pair of jean shorts, my paper airplane necklace, and a pair of flip flops. I striaghtened my hair and then put it into two french braids and then pulled it back with a black bandana. I didn't put a lot of make-up on; just mascara and eyeliner along with a little bit of foundation, blush, and concealer.

I looked at the clock and it was 5:30 so I ran to brush my teeth, put perfume on, and then got a little bag together throwing in my wallet, cell phone, and camera.

When I was heading down the stairs, the doorbell rang and then I answered it seeing Harry with cargo shorts on, the Ed Sheeran shirt, and flip flops on ( 

"Ready?" He asked. I nodded and then he grabbed my hand, leading me to his car then helping me inside. He walked over to his side, started it, and then he pulled out and on our way. 

"You look really pretty by the way Haley," he smiled at me then putting his attention back on the road.

"Thanks Harry, you look nice in your Ed shirt," I replied. He asked me to plug his phone into the radio and select the Ed Sheeran album so I did and then first thing that came on is 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You'. The beat blared through the speakers and the opening lyrics started to be sung.   

Now I'm in town, Break it down,
Thinkin' of making a new sound
Playing a different show everynight in front of a new crowd,
That's you now, Ciao,
Seems that life is great now,
See me loose focus, as I sing to you loud.
And I can't. No. I won't hush,
I say the words that make you blush,
I'm gonna sing this now (ow, ow)
See I'm true, my songs are where my heart is,
I'm like glue, I stick to other artists,
I'm not you, now that would be disastrous.
So let me sing and do my thing,
And move to greener pastures,
See, I'm real, I do it all, it's all me,
I'm not fake, don't ever call me lazy,
I won't stay put,
Give me a chance to be free
Suffolk sadly seems to sort of suffocate me,

Cause' you need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you
At all, You need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you
At all, you need me.

See, I write my own tune,
And I write my own verse, hell,
I don't need another wordsmith, to make my tune sell.
Call yourself a singer-writer,
You're just bluffing,
Your names on the credits,
And you didn't write nothing,
I sing fast,
I know that all my sh*ts cool,
I will blast,
And I didn't go to brit school.
I came fast with the way I act, right.
I can't last if I'm smoking on a crack pipe,
I won't be a product of my genre,
My mind will always be stronger than my songs are,
Never believe the bullsh*t that the fake guys feed to ya'
Always read the stories that you hear on Wikipedia,
And musically I'm demonstrating,
When I perform live, feels like I am meditating
Times at The Enterprise when some fella filmed me
A young singer-writer like a Gabriella Cilmi
[ Lyrics from: ]
You need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you,
At all, You need me, man, I don't need you,
You need me, man, I don't need you,
You need me, man, I don't need you,
At all, You need me.

Cause with the lyrics I'll be aiming it right,
I won't stop till' my names in lights,
At stadium heights,
With Damien Rice, on red carpets
Now I'm on Arabian nights,
Because I'm young, and I know my brothers' gonna give me advice.
Long nighter, short height and I've gone hyper
Never be anything but a singer-songwriter
The games over but now I'm on a new level
Watch how I step on the track without a loop pedal
People think that I'm bound to blow up
I've done around about a thousand shows
But I haven't got a house plus I live on the couch
So you can be the lyrics when I'm singing them out
From day one, I've been prepared
With vo5 wax for my ginger hair
So now I'm back to the sofa giving a dose of what the future holds
Cause it's another day
Plus I'll keep my last name forever keep the genre pretty basic
Gonna be breaking into other people's tunes when I chase it
And replace it with the elephant in the room with a facelift
Into another rappers shoes using new laces
Selling cds from my rucksack aiming for the papers
Selling cds from my rucksack aiming for majors
Nationwide til' we're just jack, soon as I get the bus back
Clean cut kid without a razor for the moustache
I hit back when the pen hurts me
I'm still a choir boy in a Fenchurch tee
I'm still the same as a year ago
But more people hear me though
According to the myspace and youtube videos
I'm always doing shows, if I'm not I'm in the studio
Truly broke, never growing up call me Ruffio
Melody music maker
Reading all the papers
They say I'm up and coming like I'm f*cking in an elevator

Cause you need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you, at all
You need me, man, I don't need you

You need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you
You need me, man, I don't need you, at all
You need me, man, I don't need you 


I sang all of the words and when it ended Harry was shocked that I knew it all. Thank god we were at a stop light because he just stared at me.

"How did you...?"

"It's not that hard Haz, you just put the song on repeat and look up the lyrics," I laughed and so did he. The next song that came on was 'Autumn Leaves' and then I asked Harry a question. 

"What made you want to take me to an Ed Sheeran concert?"

"I remember you saying you've always wanted to see him so I decided to take you," he replied with a cheeky smile.

"You really didn't have to do this," I blushed. He took my hand and squeezed it.

"Yes I did," he replied with a smirk. Oh god he smirked someone hold me. 

You know when you fall in love with someone and you just want to kiss them? Yeah... that's happening to me right now. I knew I liked Harry before I even met him but I liked the Harry Styles from One Direction but I'm falling in love with Harry Styles from Homes Chapel and he was now taking me to a concert. 

"We're almost there," he smiled. I nodded in reply and then we pulled into the parking lot. 

"Uhhh... Harry Styles, I should be on the list," he told the parking attendent. 

"Go over there and tell the guy your name and then park in the lot," he said. Harry nodded and then we drove to the other guy telling him Harry's name and then we parked next to Ed's tour bus. 

"Harry? Can you take a picture of me next to the tour bus?" I asked, a little hesitant.

"Yeah sure," he replied. I handed him my camera and then I pointed to Ed's name on the bus and smiled then I took another picture with my hands on my cheeks and my mouth opened in shock. Harry handed me back my camera and then grabbed my hand, leading me into the building. I looked at my phone and it was 6:30. 

"We're going to meet Ed so don't fangirl," he told me with a chuckle.

"I'll try," I replied, sticking out my tongue. We walked into the building and into a dressing room where I saw the flare of ginger hair.

"ED!!!" Harry exclaimed.

"HAZZA!!" Ed exclaimed back, running towards Harry then hugging him. 

"Ed, this is my friend Haley who is a really big fan of yours," Harry told him.

"Hello Haley, I'm Ed it's nice to meet you," he smiled. He shook my other hand that was not claimed by Harry and then he started to talk to me.

"So are you excited for tonight?" He asked.

"Yeah! I can't believe I'm here and actually seeing you live in concert and meeting you," I replied. 

"That's cool! Well I hope you enjoy but I have to go warm up," he told Harry and I. 

"Okay," Harry replied.

"Uhh... where's the bathroom?" I asked. 

"Down the hall to the left," Ed replied motioning the directions with his hands. I walked away and into the bathroom.  


**HARRY'S P.O.V.**  


"Ed? I need you to do a favor," I told him.

"What is it mate?"   


**HALEY'S P.O.V.**  


When I walked back to Harry he grabbed my hand and then we went to go take our seats. Everyone was let into the arena and some girls around us asked for pictures with Harry and then asked us if we were a couple. I got some dirty looks from some of them but most of the girls were asking me questions and telling me I was pretty.

The warm up band came on and they were okay, I didn't really know who they were and by the looks of it, neither did Harry. When Ed came on he opened with 'Lego House' and then after that was 'Grade 8'. When that song was over he started talking to the audience.

"I wanted to dedicate this song to two friends in the audience so hear goes nothing," he said and then the openign to 'Kiss Me' started playing. Harry grabbed me by the waist and started slow dancing with me.

"I want to tell you something Haley," he said into my ear. I looked at him to continue.

"I really like you and you're so beautiful. You are down-to-earth and you're perfect to me so can you please be my girlfriend and kiss me?" 

"Harry that's the sweetest thing anyone has every said to me," I said into his ear and then he leaned in to kiss me.  This night was perfect. Ed playing in the background, me being Harry Styles' girlfriend, and I fianlly got to meet Ed Sheeran.   




After the concert we got to hang out with Ed for a little bit and him and I exchanged numbers. When we got home, Harry dropped me off and walked me to my doorstep where he kissed me good night. I entered my house and washed my face, changed into PJs, plugged my phone in, and crawled into bed. But before I could go to bed I recieved this text:

Harry: good night beautiful <3 sweet dreams and hopefully see you tomorrow xx

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