Five Friends and Five Boys

Friends Veronica, Alyssa, Brianna, Haley, and Maddie are in love with the band One Direction. When they go to the dance at their high school, they didn't know who was going to be there or who knew the famous boyband. Will they fall in love or have major complications along the way to be happy? Read to find out.

**The Alyssa in this story is not realated to the Alyssa in my other story!! I'm writing this story for my friends and I! Thanks!! -Alyssa xx(:**


20. Bind Love



**LOUIS' P.O.V.**


When everyone left, it was just Alyssa and I sitting in her family room watching movies. I notcied that she was asleep so I scooped her up into my arms and carried her bridal style up into her room and then I tucked her in. She looked so peaceful when she slept; the stress wrinkle things dissappeared, she had a content smile on her face, and she didn't have bags under her eyes. Damn, college was kicking her ass. 


Her parents were out of town for bussiness so I was staying with her so she wouldn't be home by herself. Her parents were gone a lot and it scared me because she was so small and she wouldn't be able to fight off an intruder. Her dad though, was a big, strong guy. He had a broad shoulder and strong arms and HUGE hands. He kind of scared me to be honest. But beneath all of the muscle was a guy that cared for his daughter adn a guy that was funny. 


I walked around her bed and then crawled in myself. She immediatly cuddled up against my side. Even asleep she tried to be the closest to me. I wrapped her in my arms and she let out a sigh. She was content and all of the muscles seemed to relax. I took one of my hands and craddled her cheek, rubbing soothing circles against her cheek. She startedd to stir in her sleep so I stopped and started rubbing her back. I rested my head on top of her's, her face burried in my neck. I could feel her breathing against my skin and it kind of tickled. 


I smiled to myself knowing that what I wanted for so long was finally happening. I had Alyssa in my arms and she slept. And I waited for too long for that to happnen. 




I felt the warm sunlight on my skin and I opened my eyes to find a pair of hazel ones looking up at me. 

"Good morning baby," she smiled.

"Morning babe," I replied with a kiss on her forehead. 

"I missed you so much Lou. I didn't like it when you were gone," she told me.

"I didn't like it either baby, I hated it. I hated how you weren't in my arms and how you weren't at the shows and to cuddle with me. I had to cuddle with either Niall or Harry," I said. 

"Awww poor LouLou had to survive without me," she laughed while poking my cheeks. "Don't worry, I didn't like being without you, I sometimes had to lay with Veronica in order to sleep," she said to me. 

"You and Veronica are roomies?" I asked.

"Yeah! Thank god!" She replied with a little laugh. 

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked.

"Well I have some errands to run like food shopping and I wanted to head to the mall but we don't have to go. I was thinking we could make breakfast together though?" She looked up at me with a smile and her bottom lip between her teethe," oh the things she does to me. 

"How about this... we make breakfast together, then we eat, then while you get ready to go on some errands, I clean up, then when you're done getting ready I'll go up and get ready then we can go to the mall," I suggested.

"Sounds good to me," she agreed. 


We went down the stairs and she started pulling out ingredients to make eggs and pancakes. I got the gridle ready and she started putting eggs on. I was in charge of making the eggs (scrambled may I add) while she was in charge of making the pancake batter. When the eggs were done, I put them into a bowl and then she was making the pancakes. Her bottom lip was between her teeth in concentration and she looked so freakin' adorable when she did that. I watched her flip the pancakes while I was setting the table. I poured us both a glass of orange juice and then I grabbed the ketchup from the fridge because I know she likes it with her eggs. I also grabbed the maple syrup and butter for the pancakes. 


When she was done, she placed all of the pancakes on a big plate and brought it over to me. She took her spot at the table and we ate. 


"That was really good," she smiled. 

"Are you done? If you are you can go and get ready," I told her. She simply nodded and got up from the table. She made her way up the stairs and then a few seconds later I heard the shower turn on and then I got up to clean up the breakfast. I put all of the stuff in the sink then washed it all of and loaded up the dishwasher. I put the ketchup, syrup, and butter away. A few minutes of sitting at the table on my phone, I heard the water shut off and then a blowdryer being turned on. When that turned off, it was silent besides the low sound of music being being played. 


About a half hour later, she came down the stairs in a sweater, jeans, a scarf around her neck, hair was down, and her make-up was minmal. She looked beautiful. 

"You look beautiful baby," I smiled at her. I walked over to her and kissed her lightly on the lips. The kiss got deeper as my hands made their way to her waist and her arms were around my neck. 

"Babe, we gotta stop or we won't leave the house if ya know what I mean," she said as she pulled away. 

"Ughh fine, I'll go get ready," I smirked at her. I made my way upstairs and then showered, got out, then got dressed. I wore jeans and a hoodie. I fixed my hair and slipped a beanie on and then made my way down the stairs. 

"Ready?" I asked,

"Yeah lets go," she replied. 




As we got to the mall, no one really noticed us. We went into Forever 21 first and she picked out a couple of sweaters and scarves. We went to go pay. I pulled out my debit card and swiped it. 

"You didn't have to do that," she said as we walked out of the store hand-in-hand. 

"Well I wanted to," I replied with a smile.

"I uhhh... have to stop in Victoria's Secret," she told me with a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Do you want me to come in or stand out here?" I asked her.

"You can come in I guess," she said to me. We walked in together and she made her way over to bras and underwear. I didn't really look but I could tell she was just grabbing her size and not really caring what she grabbed. After that she made her way over to the clothes and perfumes and picked up some yoga pants and hoodies along with some perfumes. After that, she went over to the counter to pay. I stepped up and swiped my debit card.

"Lou..." she trailed off.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I signed the recipt.

"You didn't need to do that," she told me. 

"But I wanted to and I'm paying for this shopping spree so stop worrying," I siad with a smirk. She simply nodded and then we walked out of the store. We stopped in H&M and she picked up a few more sweaters and scarves. She also got a pair of leggings and then we paid and left the store. 

"What do you want to do now?" I asked. 

"We can go home if you want and watch some movies," she replied.

"Sounds good to me," I said with a smile and then we left the mall. 




When we got home, we watched at least 5 hours worth of movies. Alyssa fell asleep so I turned the TV off and covered her with a blanket. I  got up and made my way over to the piano that her family had. I ran my fingers along the ivory keys and started playing "Flightless Bird, American Mouth' by Iron and Wine. The song had beautiful dynamics and I loved playing it. I was so consumed by the song that I jumped a little when I felt a pair of slender arms wrap around my waist.

"Hey babe, I thought you were sleeping," I said with a laugh.

"Keep playing," she told me as she took a seat next to me on the piano bench.

"What do you want me to play?" I asked. 

"Uhhh.... surprise me," she replied with a grin. I started playing 'Never Stop' by SafteySuit and she was humming softly along then yawned.

"Okay.... time to get you to bed," I said with a laugh.

"But I'm not tired!" She told me like she was 3 years old. 

"Come on, I'll carry you up," I said. She agreed and then I carried her bridal style up the stairs and by the time she was in bed, she was out cold.

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