Five Friends and Five Boys

Friends Veronica, Alyssa, Brianna, Haley, and Maddie are in love with the band One Direction. When they go to the dance at their high school, they didn't know who was going to be there or who knew the famous boyband. Will they fall in love or have major complications along the way to be happy? Read to find out.

**The Alyssa in this story is not realated to the Alyssa in my other story!! I'm writing this story for my friends and I! Thanks!! -Alyssa xx(:**


3. An Adventure with One Direction





"What are we going to do today?" Maddie asked.

"How about the beach? It's sunny and for this time of year it's 80 degrees out," Haley suggested.

"Can we?! It's only a half hour away!" Brianna exclaimed. 

"Do we have car big enough for all of us to fit in?" Louis asked.

"Well we still have the van we rented. It can hold all 10 of us," Liam replied. 

"We just need to get ready. That might take 2 hours and it's 10:00 so... come back at noon," I said.

"Sounds good! See ya in a little bit!" Niall exclaimed. We hugged all of the boys but when Louis came over to hug me, the hug lasted longer then the others did. 

"See ya later love," he whispered in my ear and then kissed my cheek. You heard me... HE KISSED MY CHEEK. 

"See ya Louis," I whispered back then smiled. When the boys left, we made sure they were off of the street and then that's when the excitement was let off.



"HARRY KISSED MY CHEEK TOO!!!!!" Haley exclaimed.

"NAILL GAVE ME SOME OF HIS FOOD!!!! AND I DIDIN'T EVEN ASK HIM!!!!!" Veronica yelled whilst jumping up and down.


"Wait..." Haley paused. "What are going to wear?"

"I have no idea," I replied.

'Well... it's nice so how about shorts and cute tops?" Veronica suggested.

"Okay!" I replied whilst climbing up the stairs with the girls behind me. We went into my room and picked out outfits out first.

I wore a blue sheer top with shorts, blue flips flops, a bikini, and a necklace from Veronica  along with blue nails from a few days ago ( Haley wore a blue Jack Wills bikini with pink poka-dots, flip flops, a black top that said 'Hipsta Please', and shorts along with a paper airplane necklace ( Veronica wore a flowy top, shorts with lace on them, a black bikini with embellishments on it, black flip flops, and a clover necklace Haley got her for her birthday a few years ago ( Brianna wore a crop top with one of Zayn's many tattoos, shorts, flip flops, a necklace with a bow on it, a turquoise bikini top, and black bikini bottoms ( Maddie was wearing a floral bikini, a white top with tribal desgins, shorts, with flip flops, and a batman necklace that Brianna got her.

We all strieghtened her hair and put them back with headbands and then hair ties on our wrists. I packed my beach bag along with the others and then looked at the clock and it was 11:45.

"Did everyone brush their teeth and everything like that?" Brianna asked. We all replied with a yes and then I got out a duffel bag and put jeans and a sweatshirt. 

"Does anybody want to put a change of clothes in this bag?" I asked. Before we got ready, the girls walked to their houses and got clothes. They walked over and put things in the bag and then I heard a doorbell. 

"I'll get it!" I exclaimed. I ran down the stairs and opened the door and saw a pair of blue sparkling eyes and brown hair.

"Hey," he smiled. I smiled back at him and then noticed 4 other boys behind him.

"Come in! I'll go get the others. Just make yourself at home," I told them whilst running up the stairs. 

"Are you ready for the best day of your lives?" Haley asked. We all nodded with big smiles on our faces, grabbed our bags, walked out of my room, and down the stairs.

"Hey guys!" Brianna exclaimed. Zayn walked over to her and hugged her. I saw him bend down and whispered into her ear. When he pulled away she was smiling like a fool. That made me so happy to see my best friend like this- smiling like she was in love with the boy of her dreams. 

"Are we all ready?" I asked.

"We just need towels, chairs, and umbrellas," Veroinca replied. I walked over to the linen closet and grabbed beach towels and then put them by my stuff in the foyer. After that, the boys followed me to the garage and grabbed beach chairs and umbrellas. We loaded the van up and then we all got in. In the back row was Harry, Haley, Veronica, and Niall; in the middle row was Zayn, Brianna, Maddie, and Liam; and in the row behind the driver was Louis and I along with the cooler that couldn't fit in the back. We pulled out of the drive way and on our way to the beach. 




When we unloaded the van, we looked for a spot that was away from people so the boys wouldn't be noticed. We all set up and then the girls and I took off our shirts and shorts and then we ran to the ocean. We all huddled into a circle and whispered to eachother. 

"Is this happening?" Haley asked.

"I'm pretty sure... Someone look over and see if they're coming," I whispered back. Veronice looked up.

"They have no shirts on and our huddled in a circle like us," she replied. 

"WEAK IN THE KNEES!!!" Brianna whisper-yelled. We all laughed and then just talked while we waited for the boys.


**NIALL'S P.O.V.**


When we got to the beach, the girls took off into the water after setting up and then huddled in a circle. 

"Boys come over here," Zayn whispered. We all walked over and then huddled in a circle like the girls were. 

"Okay, so how do we like them so far?" Zayn asked.

"Maddie is so down to earth and beautiful and-" 

"Okay lover boy we get it," Louis laughed. Liam blushed and then shut up.

"Veronica is so different and shy but I want to take her out of her shell," I said. 

"Awww our little Nialler is in luuuuuuurrrrve!!!!" Harry teased.

"Shut up mate," I blushed.

"I think Haley is pretty cool. She's awesome and loves Ed Sheeran so I was planning on introducing them to each other soon," Harry told us. 

"That would be so cool!" Liam exclaimed.

"I think Alyssa is funny! She's really cool and so pretty but there's something about her that just... I don't know. I feel like I have to know more about her," Louis said. 

"What about you Zayn? How's Brianna?" I asked.

"She's hilarious and so full of life!" He laughed. "She's awesome," 

"Well how about we go join them in the water?" I asked. They all agreed and then we ran towards the water and joined them. 

"AHHH LOUIS STOP!" Alyssa laughed. He was tickling her and then swam over to Veronica.

"Hey," I smiled. I looked down at her and noticed her necklace. "May I?" I asked. She nodded and the reached down and grabbed the necklace and rested it in my hand. It was a clover and she was blushing. I looked at her with a questionable look.

"Brianna gave it to me because she knew you're my favorite of the band," she mumbled. I smiled knowing I was her favorite. 

"Really? Normally I'm normally the least favorite," 

"Well I've always liked you beacuse you were different," she looked up at me and smiled. I pulled her in a hug and it felt so right. I just need to know her better then maybe ask her out. 






Okay I'm good. 

"Hey babe," Zayn smiled. *SWOON* this is not happening. 

"Hey Zayn," I laughed.

"What's so funny?" He asked,

"Ohh nothing maybe the fact that I did this," I said and splashed water at him.

"You did not," he replied with a shocked excpression on his face. I continued to splash him and he blocked his face from the water.

"Bri stop please," he begged with a laugh. He swam over to me and then hugged me. 

"Zayn what are you doing?" I asked with a little stutter in my voice.

"Trying to make you stop splashing me," he replied in a hushed tone. I stopped fighting against him and then hugged him back. We were standing in the ocean and no one was around us. This couldn't be happening. 

"You're a really cool chick Bri," he said.

"I am?" I asked, a nervous tone obvious in my voice.

"Yeah. You're fun to be around and you always make everyone laugh. I'm glad I met you," he replied. Can someone catch me? Zayn really just said that didn't he?

"Really? I couldn't believe you actually feel that way. I just thought you would come to the dance, hang out for a day and then just leave and pretend you never met us just like everyother fan you met at meet and greets," I told him in a hushed tone. 

"You 5 girls are different from everyone else. You're all a burst of energy," he replied with a smile. 


"Really," he said and then kissed me on the cheek. Holy flack.... the lips of Zayn Malik touched my cheek. Is this real life? 

"We should head back to the others," I suggested. He simply nodded and then turned around. "Would you like a piggy-back ride?" 

"Sure," I smiled. He bent down and then I hopped on his back. He then walked back over to our small group of friends that didn't notice we were gone. 


**HALEY'S P.O.V.**


"So Haley? How big of a fan of Ed Sheeran are you?" Harry asked.

"I love him! His music style is genius and if I had the money I would go see him in a heartbeat but I spent my money on tickets for you," I replied with a laugh. 

"So if I took you on a date one day to a concert of his... what would you do?" He asked.

"I think I would cry tears of joy. Like he's an awesome preformer and being there with you would be awesome," 

"Okay, I'll call him later and ask when he's going to be around here next time and I'll buy 2 tickets," he smiled.

"That sounds perfect," I replied and hugged him. He was much taller than me so my head rested on his chest and he leaned down and kissed the top of my head. 


I can't believe this is happening. Harry Styles is planning to take me to an Ed Sheeran concert. Like how many girls can say that? I met him at a dance at my school and he actually liked being around me and my crazy friends. 

"Do you want to go back and lay down in the sun?" He asked. 

"sure," I replied with a smile. We swam back to where the water came to our knees and then walked back to our spot. We layed down and then I grabbed my sunglasses from my bag along with my phone and earbuds. I plugged my music in and just closed my eyes. 


Did I do something stupid
Yeah, girl if I blew it
Just tell me what I did
Let's work through it
There's gotta be something 
To getcha to want me
Like before


I heard the music in my ears and then someone pulled my left one out. I looked over and saw Harry smiling and put the earbud in his right ear. He started singing the chrous and I was just stunned. His voice sounded so angelic in person. He looked over and smiled at me. 

"What other songs do you have on your phone?" He asked whilst grabbing my phone. He scrolled throught my music and turned on 'Lego House' and he started humming it. 

"You look really pretty today by the way," he whispered. 

"Uhh... thanks," I blushed. I continued to listen to my music and then it changed to 'Forever Young' by none other then the boys. 

"How did you get this?" Harry giggled. Yes the boy giggled and it was flacking adorable. 

"Oh, Brianna downloaded it from YouTube," I replied with a laugh. The opening music started and then Liam's voice started to play. 


Let's dance in style, 
Let's dance for a while, 
Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies, 
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, 
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

Let us die young or let us live forever, 
We don't have the power but we never say never, 
Sitting in a sandpit, 
Life is a short trip, 
The music's for the sad man.

Forever young, 
I wanna be, 
Forever young, 
Do you really want to live forever, 
Forever young.

Some are like water, some are like the heat, 
Some are like the melody of some other beat, 
But sooner or later they all will be gone, 
Why don't they stay young?

It's hard to get old without a cause, 
I don't want to perish like a fading horse, 
Youth is like diamonds in the sun, 
And diamonds are forever.
Forever young, 
I wanna be, 
Forever young, 
Do you really want to live forever, 
Or never?

Forever young, 
I wanna be, 
Forever young (forever), 
Do you really want to live forever, 
Or never?

So many adventures couldn't happen today, 
So many songs we forgot to play, 
So many dreams are swinging out of the blue, 
We'll let'em come true.

Forever young, 
I wanna be, 
Forever young, 
Do you really want to live forever, 
Or never?

Forever young, 
I wanna be, 
Forever young Do you really want to live forever, 
Or never?

Forever young, 
I wanna be, 
Forever young (forever), 
Do you really want to live forever, 
Or never?

Forever young, 
I wanna be, 
Forever young (forever), 
Do you really want to live forever (forever), 
Forever (forever), 
Forever young



The whole time the song played, Harry held my hand and when the song ended he didn't let go. When we looked up, we saw Louis and Alyssa walking up the beach towards our spot.       



**ALYSSA'S P.O.V.**  


"So what do you want to do?" Louis asked.  

"I'm starving and I want some pizza," I replied.  

"Okay, how about we go to the boardwalk just us two?"   

"That sounds good," I smiled. We walked back to our spot on the beach and we saw Harry and Haley staring at each other listening to music. I put on my clothes and flips flops then grabbed my wristlet from my bag and put my phone inside.   

"Haz we'll be back in awhile," Louis told his best friend.   

"Okay see you later," Harry replied. We walked away from our spot and onto the boardwalk.   

"We can go here," I pointed to the pizzeria and we walked in going to the counter and ordered our food. I grabbed money from my wristlet but Louis insisted on paying. When we got our pizza and soda, we grabbed a table.  

"Okay, I want to know more about you," Louis told me while shoving a piece of pizza in his mouth.  

"Well, my parents work in a hospital together as surgeons, my brother is in college, and I like to play soccer and surf," I said.  

"I already knew the last part love, you told me that," he laughed.  

"Okay then, I love music and you guys helped me through a lot in my life. My ex-boyfriend used to put me down and when we broke up, he made rumors saying I cheated on him and slept around which I never did. Haley, Brianna, Maddie, and Veronica helped me a lot and they came over one day and we watched your old interviews and video diaries," I told him.  

"How can someone do that to a girl like you?" He asked.  

"I don't know," I replied. "Apprently I wasn't good enough,"  

"Don't ever think that way Lyss. You're beautiful and if I was him, I would've never let you go," he smiled whilst taking my hands in his. I couldn't believe this was happening and he actually liked me as a friend.   


"Yeah Lou?"   

"What did he say about you in those rumors?" He asked. I gulped, not really wanting to answer the question.  

"Well, he said that I slept around with a bunch of my guy friends that I've known since I was little. They went up tp him and talked to my ex saying that none of it was true. He never apologized to me but I don't care,"  

"If I see this guy I hope you know I'm beating his face in," he laughed.   

"Thanks," I mumbled with a smile. He squeezed my hands and then kissed my cheek. I know we only met but I really liked him. He was kind and funny and perfect. He knew how to make me laugh. He also knew how to make me smile and make me special and wanted. I looked at my phone and it 3:30.  

"What do you want to do?" He asked.  

"Can we go on some rids?"   

"Yeah! Lets go on the Ferris Wheel!" He exclaimed whilst pulling me out of my seat and down the boardwalk. He paid for the both of us and we loaded on the cart.   

"Alyssa I have to ask you something,"   

"What is it?" I replied. We were on the top looking out towards the ocean.   

"I know we only met but I really like you. If we got to know each other more I think you could be my girlfriend only if you wanted to,"  

"I would love to and I totally agree with you on the 'getting to know each other more' part," I replied with a smile. He let out a sigh of relief and we continued to right the Ferris Wheel.    



**LOUIS' P.O.V.**  



She likes me back! Alyssa actually likes me back! When we got off of the ride we saw the others waiting for us and then we joined up with them. We did some games and I won Alyssa a teddy bear while Harry won Haley a stuffed Koala bear.

When we were getting ready to leave, I wrapped my arm around Alyssa's figure and she leaned her head on my shoulder as we walked to the van. Everything was already loaded up so when we got to the van, we just took our seats from before and started driving home. Alyssa was leaning on my shoulder and eventually she fell asleep.  


I was falling for her and I was falling hard.     

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